Dilemna!! 14C red vs 14S fuchsia

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  1. Hi everyone!

    So ever since the 14c red came out, i've been in love with it and have been looking for it in the mini size. But just recently seeing tutushopper's reveal of the new 14s fuchsia, i'm having a hard time deciding which to get because the fuchsia is so beautiful too! Has anyone seen the fuchsia mini IRL yet? I was more leaning towards the red since it comes in caviar and i can be carefree with it. But the fuchsia color is just too irresistible that i think i can manage it in lambskin for the mini size. :biggrin::biggrin: Help me decide please!! :ty:

    Here's photo for comparison, borrowed from fellow tPFers. :smile:

    14c red.jpg 14s pink.jpg
  2. Hmm it's a tough choice. I would go with fuchsia because you never know when Chanel will put out a colour like this again. Every season there is a red so it's not as rare I think.
  3. Fuchsia for sure!
  4. Love love love the red!
  5. +1 I lovvvvveeeee red too but they will come out with every year or at least few years. Who knows wth fuchsia!!
  6. For a mini, I would get the RED.

    Its a more versatile color and is a good neutral.

    Its worn mainly as crossbody so the chance of it swinging and banging and rubbing off to your clothes are pretty HIGH. You don't want a lambskin for that activities.

    Pink to me in mini size might look too girly young. I don't want to look like I am carrying my daughter's purse. And this really depends on your sense of style and age. I am in my midlife and I dress sort of classic casual. so I opted to do the pink in the bigger size to avoid that perception. I often rock my bags with my 2 teenage girls too so I don't want people to think my purse is better off on my daugthers shoulders :lol:

  7. so true, I've been waiting for the right red for me and I think this red is it. That's why the decision is so hard.
  8. Do you think you will wear one more than the other? That might help you choose. For me I don't think fuchsia is versatile enough, but red I can wear any day of the year. That's just me though.
  9. Both are so pretty! Sorry I am not helping the decision...! But Can I ask you where did you get the 14C red mini if you don't mind me to ask? :smile:
  10. Either way it would be worn mostly during Spring n summer and for special occasions.
  11. Thx for ur opinion. I'm kinda in between still being able to pull off young and updating my wardrobe to fit mature looks so I really understand ur point about fuchsia looking too girly/ young. But even so buying a larger size is out of my budget. 😔
  12. I think the mini looks great in red and will go with all outfits in all seasons. The fuschia is really gorgeous but it is a little more limiting in terms if what you can wear with it. As much as I think the fuschia is a must in our collections, I think red is better for the mini because the mini in fuschia seems very cute.
  13. Personally I like the 14C mini...
  14. where is the 14c red square mini available at?
    Pls share info.

    Also is there any black lamb gwh in square mini?
  15. Red mini is TDF :tup: