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  1. ^^^I wish that too! :biggrin:

    Update on my search:

    Well, today I saw 2 birkins! One was a 35cm horse hair and the other a 35cm croc!!!! The croc was just beautiful! :love: It was a really deep brown color, and I swear it felt like heaven on, but its not really in the range right now :lol: I think it came in at $25,000 + tax.

    I talked about my situation more with my SA and he said that he is going to talk to some people and try to see if they can work something out with me with regard to getting my birkin :nuts: No promises of course but I am soooo hoping he comes through!!!

    They also had a fuchsia 32cm Kelly that was just beautiful! He thought the birkin would suit me better though, so I passed but with no regrets. He seems really confident than I'll get my birkin, so I'm trusting that and letting things flow. I am definitely going to go back tomorrow though, I want to find my bag! Just because I'm leaving it to fate doesnt mean I can't help it along right :lol:
  2. Good luck to you.
  3. Noriko - a fuchsia Kelly? What were the specs on that one? Souple or rigide? Leather? Sounds gorgeous. And don't even get me started on the croc B!
  4. It was a goatskin 35cm, I'm guessing it was souple. It was really beautiful! But my SA was right when he said that the birkin fit my personality more. I would have loved to take it home though! The color would have matched my agenda.

    I wont get started on the croc either...It pained me to leave it behind! :cry:
  5. I think the 35 is too big in a Kelly, especially for a shorty like me. :smile:
    But fuchsia Chevre is incredible!
  6. It sure is! :biggrin: I like how you can see the tailbone strip too, the one on that fuchsia was really subtle. Now that I think about it though, I think it may have been a 32cm :lol: When I gave my report I was thinking about the croc so much (that was a 35cm) that I reported wrong. The Kelly did NOT look that big :lol:
  7. It was probably a 32, then! Noriko, you should get it!! hehe
  8. :lol: probably gone by now, but if its there when I go today I dont know if I'll be able to resist~!!!!
  9. if i were in hawaii now, i would probably snatch it LOL~~~:P :lol: :lol:
  10. If I already had my birkin I'd definitely have snatched it yesterday :love:
  11. OMFG update! I GOT MY BIRKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pics will follow :love:
  12. Oh g-d!!!! POST PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. CONGRATS!!! You definitely need to post pics! And share all your details!
  14. OMG Noriko! Please post pics immediately!!!
  15. I am! I just took pics of my new baby, plus a very partial collection pic lol took a while to get the girls in line. I'll be uploading them right after I get them all back in their boxes :lol: brb soon!