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  1. So, Noriko, what is your final decision now?? I know you're not going to get the B.Fendi.......so it's either a kelly or birkin. Which one will it be? You said you want your birkin to be your 1st hermes bag. You've also said you want to save your family some money and you also want to purchase a car and a watch when you graduated.
  2. Thanks everyone! :biggrin: I went to look for my birkin today but only came across an orange 25cm. That would look great on my little sister, but wayyyy too small for me. My SA said earlier in the day there was a 35cm white with black handles/piping...OMFG. Can't believe I missed that one!!!!

  3. What does that last part have to do with anything? :lol:

    In any case, I'm going to be on the lookout for a birkin every single day! I went today but came out with nothing. I think I'll have better luck the week after next since my SA is transferring to the boutique I frequent more often :biggrin: I'm going with the birkin, but if a beautiful Kelly does come up I can't say that it wont be an option. At this point I need as many of those as I can get :biggrin:
  4. 35cm white with black handles/piping? Is that a bicolor birkin? That is so classic. Black and white, trademark colour of Chanel.
  5. We all pray you get the birkin of your choice. May I know what's the choice of birkin that you want?
  6. I want a bicolor, which is why I was soooooooooo sad that I missed that one!!!! :sad: I just think they have so much character. In 30cm or 35cm :biggrin:
  7. That sucks you missed the bicolor one! Goodluck!
  8. Noriko, wait for your Birkin and try not to buy a substitute bag before. I know this is difficult but I think you will receive your dream bag sooner than you might think:amuse:
  9. ^^^I sure hope so :love: I neeeeeeeeed her!!!!
  10. Get ready for a lot of Hit or Miss times at Hermes....but one day it just may be there and HIT you. Be ready!
  11. I'd say, cancel your orders and wait then go for BIRKIN:biggrin: .
  12. get a birkin
  13. Noriko is so much luckier than everyone else here. At least she can check with so many stores. Here? Only 3 hermes stores. And that is also limited. sad...............

  14. Are the boutiques in your area small? There are two good size boutiques and one small one in DFS here. I cant even go into the DFS one though, since you need an international plane ticket everytime you go in:Push:
  15. To me, it's quite small except the one at Liat Towers. And its location is so near with one another. Wish the size is like in Paris & Tokyo. So huge!