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  1. This is probably the WRONG subforum to ask this question in, but here goes.

    I have ordered 2 B. Fendi bags (one order got canceled but I placed it again lol) which will come up to roughly $4000. For another $2000-$3000 I'd be in birkin range. And knowing me I'll probably spend that on useless BS by the ending of April anyway (B. Fendi bags are supposed to arrive end of April).

    So my question is...taking into consideration that I'll have to put in a considerable amount of time searching for the birkin, and there is no guarantee that the one I want will come in while I'm there or even within the next couple of months...should I cancel the B. Fendi order and just get the birkin?

    I could keep them all, but I want a new car and a watch for graduation in June and I'd feel just a tad guilty purchasing all of this beforehand and still expecting those things for graduation. I'm just afraid of ending up with no new bags at all if I don't find my birkin. My original plan was to get the birkin as one of my grad gifts, but being as the other bags equal almost a birkin I figure I could just get that instead and save my family some money :lol:

    Another thing I'm worried about is getting desperate and settling for the first one I see, or settling for a Kelly which is my second choice.

    Someone please talk some sense into me as to what I should do! I'm probably the most indecisive person in the world:cry:
  2. personally, I cancelled the order for the fendi bags and keep the ammount for your Birkin; this one is a classic and will last forever, always trendy and fashion, the other ones are the bags of the moment but probably in a few months these will be replaced by other styles, see the fendi spy etc.:sad:((
  3. This is a tough decision. It sounds like your heart was set on getting the Birkin so I say get the Birkin. You said so yourself that it was your original plan. Maybe you can just get one Bbag while waiting instead of two :biggrin:
  4. I also say go for the Birkin. Yes, there is no guarantee, but there's also a chance your bag pops up. You can also just purchase one bag for the moment if it's too long of a wait.

    My friend told me the same about my Balenciaga's. I bought them one after the other and in less than half a year, I've accumulated 7. My friend told me that I could have just used the money to buy a Birkin. Well, low and behold, I found my gorgeous fuschia Kelly and now I'm selling my Bbags one after the other also.
  5. I think you should purchase 1 B.Fendi. So, the leftover money top up with some a little bit more money, you can purchase a birkin. At least if you can't get your birkin by the end of your graduation, you still have a B.Fendi to coo over and be proud of.

    What kind of birkin you want?? Have you ordered?? If you're really desperate to get one before graduation, then go to resellers websites which sell authentic ones. That's the last resort but you still get your dream birkin.
  6. Thanks for the great advice everyone! I think I am going to get the birkin instead. I've had this rule for myself ever since I've been actively looking for the birkin, which was that I should NOT buy bags in bulk which would result in spending the amount of a birkin on bags that I most likely wont like as much at least in the long run.

    I just dont want to end up with no new bags :lol: I'm planning to keep this birkin for a LONG time as well so I don't want to have to settle for a color/size that I really dont want. This is so hard :sad:
  7. La Van...don't sell your balenciagas!!! To own up to 7 is something astonishing. At least, you can alternate between your balencigas and kelly.
  8. I agree with La Van 100% , wait for the Birkin. If you really LOVE the Fendi get one not two. Those are "trendy" bags that will be over in 6 month's time...;) :smile:
  9. I haven't been able to place an order, the orders here in HI are really hard to come by, if possible AT ALL. I've heard that in other places its easier to place an order.

    I'm looking for a bicolor birkin, but if not possibly a fuchsia, red, blue jean, or gray of some type. You can see I'm really flexible. I'd take a 30cm or a 35cm.
  10. You made the right decision Noriko :biggrin:
  11. Does anyone feel like trying to talk me into a Kelly? There always seem to be those available here :lol:
  12. I pray for you!! Here's a beautiful treat from me. Hope you like it. :amuse:

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  13. :lol: thanks~! I miss that place, they have the most awesome chicken fingers!!!!
  14. Here's another one.

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  15. ooooo damn hes hot! Hopefully I'll find someone that hot on my birkin hunt :lol: