Nov 17, 2010
Ladies, I need help on a ultimate dilemma please. I'm on the prowl for a lindy and i have found the following bi color at the same time.
Blue sapphire/blue Izmir and blue izmir/blue sapphire, it's going to be more a less a daily bag for me with the majority of my clothes in dark colour. Izmir is a nice pop of color since all the rest of my bags are mainly black. But blue sapphire seems such a classy and everlasting color.

Please help! Thank you!
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Jan 18, 2011
I am one Lindy lover Mslucifer, its a lovely bag. My favourite size is 30. I have a Bleu Izmir Kelly and its the most beautiful blue I own. BS is a flat dark blue which the positive side of it is that like you said its a classic ever lasting colour. Good luck and I hope you have fun with it.


Oct 10, 2010
One more vote for BS/BI! Blue Sapphire is easier to dress up or down and like you said, it's a classic color. Blue Izmir might be more of a casual outfit kind of bag.


Apr 20, 2008
Beaches Galore
since you already have black bags and your outfits are dark, i prefer bleu izmir. they can go with your dark clothes while adding a bit of pop.

my avatar is my cobalt which i think is similar to bleu izmir. i wear that whenever i'm wearing neutrals.


May 13, 2014
Although I've not seen the blue sapphire in person, I like the idea of a darker color outside and brighter color inside. Plus the lindy is a great travel bag so darker colors are probably more practical. Just my opinion.... But either ways, the Lindy is a great bag... it is only a matter of which color u love more.

Practical because it can carry so many things but with an edge to the design that you can't find in other bags! You can always style with twillys or charms to spice up your classic colour outfit.


Because yay!
Mar 2, 2012
BTW if I was going to go for a pop color, I wouldn't necessarily go for BI. It is a bit indecisive for me.


Feb 18, 2010
That is a dilemma. My first thought was blue izmir outside but then it's not really a bright pop color like turquoise, mykonos, etc. and I personally find BI a bit hard to match. I vote for BS outside and BI inside. You can always dress it up with bright twillys. I do that with my prune lindy. G'luck and can't wait to see your reveal.


Fashion and Cupcakes
Jun 9, 2007
J'adore teal. Blue Izmir is a form of teal. Teal doesn't come into fashion that often b/c the fashion alternative in RTW to teal is a spring navy or a winter navy which probably appeal to more people than teal does. I would go for BI in a heartbeat but I like autumnal colors in general and whether teal is or isn't in fashion, I'm wearing it. How strongly do you feel about wearing a color that may look a bit dated in a couple of years, in terms of no longer being an of-the-moment fashion color? It seems to me there are always variations of royal blue around, whether it's cobalt or blue electric, what have you. H contributes to setting color trends so if blue sapphire is new for them, some apparel manufacturers are going to be influenced by that. Bottom line: I think sapphire is a more enduring color than Izmir but if you don't get Izmir now, you may not see anything comparable for years, I'm not kidding.


Sep 15, 2013
These are the best dilemmas to have!!! :smile:

I love BI but I think if you're looking for a neutral that you can wear season long and that can match almost anything, then BS is the better choice. BS with BI interior is perfect because you can have a nice deep neutral on the outside but a beautiful pop of color when you open the bag. Whatever you get, please do a reveal. Good Luck!