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  1. I just recently bought a da pochette nm, but now I'm wondering if I should return it and get the da favorite that's coming out on April 1st or get a Prada wallet on chain or Prada wallet crossbody. How does the DA hold up over time? Is it difficult to keep clean? Does it yellow over time? What would you do?
  2. Help please :sad:
  3. I don't own any DA, however I have owned both the Pouchette and the Favorite in mono. In terms of style, the Favorite is more substantial and versatile IMO. The Pochette is a wonderful piece too, though... How are you planning to use it? I am thinking both would be good.:graucho:

  4. I have a mono pochette and use it in my neverfull and as a crossbody and shoulder bag with some chains I got off ebay. I planned on using the pochette in a similar way just not in my neverfull.
  5. I think the Favorite in DA is going to be gorgeous. I'd definitely exchange the Pochette NM for it.
  6. Favorite! I think you'd get more use and versatility!
  7. I would honestly get a Prada wallet if that's your option. It's only my opinion.

    The DA pochette is good enough for DA pieces...but eventually it could get dirty. There is also a clubhouse on DA pieces.

    I had two DA pieces, and got rid of one. It's a beautiful print, but just not for my lifestyle.
  8. +1 ! I love the favorite !
  9. get the favourite
  10. I'd exchange for the favourite or get the prada :smile:
  11. since you already have the pochette in the mono, I would go with a different style and choose the favorite. I think its is going to look gorgeous! can't wait to see it IRL. How ever it has to fit your lifestyle. I own two DA pieces ( speedy 30, pochette NM) and I love them....but its just not grab-and-go like with the mono or DE print, IMO. I do tend to think about thinks like where am I going, what will I be doing, is there a risk of the bag getting dirty. But to me its totally worth the extra thought. DA is just beautiful.

    Hope this helps!
  12. I have a Pochette nm in mono. I mainly use her in spring / summer for running errands , grocery store...stuff like that. Because of the Vachetta strap i find her very casual. If you want something for things i listed , keep the pochette. If you want to use the clutch as more of a dressier piece , then go for the Favorite! I think the chain strap adds a little something extra nice. Plus you can wear it cross body also. As far as Azur goes, I think its pretty but not for me. Just because i wear alot of dark pants , tops etc. So over time i am afraid it will just get to dirty looking. :sad:. But if you love Azur then go for it!
  13. Thanks everyone. I think I'm gonna exchange the pochette for the favorite, I just saw a picture and I love it. Plus I like the lack of vachetta on it.
  14. Just this morning I am getting obsessed with the da favorite... Exploring and happy I'm not the only one :smile:
  15. I have the favorite in mono mm and love it! Such a versatile bag. I'm 5'8" so had to buy the bolt extender as the strap is too short, so I needed the 3 extra inches.