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  1. Hello ladies. I have a dilemma and what's best than a shoe dilemma right :smile: well I purchased these lovely simples but I'm not sure if I should keep and wanted your opinions.. I love the color and heel height and everything but feel bad spending the $$.. What do you think keep or let go?
    image-2781556332.jpg image-4124724037.jpg
  2. If you can afford them....and love them...and your going to wear them....KEEP them!!! They're a gorgeous color, beautiful shoe, etc.
  3. I would keep them if doing so would mean having less coffees to go or no shopping till the end of the month. In other words if you could cut your other spendings and this way compensate $$$ spent on those beauties.

    I would send them back if I'd bought those with CC or in debts.
    Shopping is only fun when you can allow things you buy without going to debts and trouble.

    Whatever you decide — congrats on beautiful shoes! :smile:
  4. Definitely a keeper in my opinion ;) Gorgeous colour !
  5. I think they're beautiful and I absolutely love the colour, but I agree with DariaD said. Keep them if you can afford them but if you need the money then let them go :smile:
  6. I have a pair of Simples that I was kind of so-so about getting (I usually buy higher heels) but since I purchased last year I've worn them to death! they are so comfy...I say keep :smile:
  7. I think they look gorgeous and if you know you will get a lot of use out of them and you can afford them without going in debt, then I say keep!
  8. The color is gorgeous!! I agree with the others, keep them if you can afford them without going into debt. I'm sure you will get a lot of use out of them bc the simples are so comfortable!
  9. This is EXCELLENT advice!

    DariaD nails it :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:

    If you're going to feel bad everytime you wear them -like if you're thinking I shouldn't have purchased these .... Then maybe you should reconsider.

    They are beautiful but beautiful is beautiful and broke is broke and I can appreciate your dilemma!
  10. I totally agree with DariaD !!
  11. LOVE love love that colour. And being Simples with a reasonable heel height, I think you would get a lot of wear out of them.
  12. I agree with DariaD.
  13. Thank u all! I decided to keep them :smile: I love the color too much to let go and will just starve myself for the next few weeks lol jk.
  14. Congrats!! Good for you and they're really beautiful, the color is TDF!! :smile: If you're happy you have made the right choice!