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  1. hey everyone i'm new in this forum...

    i'm about to purchase my first birkin, anyone has any advice on what color/ size i should get? my mom has blue jeans, white and gold in 35 cm and 40. so preferrably colors other than what she already has... green apple, perhaps? please help :hysteric: i want them alllll
  2. I love the vert anis......
  3. vert anis is a fun color
    black is pretty basic but classic and gorgeous and would round out your options
  4. If you want colors that can really be great neutrals, I'd do vert anis or Potiron (I have this one and it goes with 90% of my wardrobe)
  5. Vert anis is fabulous (although I wouldn't wear it myself).
  6. i totally love the orange.. but thinking whether it goes with most of my wardrobe... do u think it's wearable for work?
  7. potiron (pumpkin)....yum.