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  1. My mom really likes my soufflot. Should I give it to her for xmas and just get myself a bedford? I like both so.. I don't know. =[
  2. Are you absolutely sure there isn't one you like better?
  3. well the soufflot opens more cause the zippers come down along the side. and i like black. i dont know ive always liked the bedford but never really thought about owning one.
  4. Well, if you like both, and your mom likes your soufflot, you should give it to her. What color bedford are you thinking of getting? If you're going to get one, do it before the price increase!!!
  5. haha i'm not sure about that yet. lol
  6. maybe u should get the bedford and u and your mom can share bags?
  7. ^^^ Yes, I agree with HOUSTONELV. It's better if you and your mum can share the bags!
  8. Maybe you can get another soufflot in a different color? ;)
  9. haha i think i found a bag that i remember her telling me that she likes now. but i have to go try it first at the store to make sure that the straps wont slide down when she's wearing it.
  10. :yes: :yes: sharing is good.