dilemma.. =(

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  1. hi ladies! Two days ago, my mom and i (we share bal addiction :graucho:) bought a Poupre SGH City from a lovely tpfer, we had trouble deciding whether to get the poupre or tempete both in SGH. Poupre's leather was smooth and buttery with minor wrinkling while the tempete had a heavy distressing and I MEAN REALLY HEAVY like it's about to explode any minute. I love the kind of leather that tempete and we wanted to get both.

    However, knowing that the seller had 2 tempete SGH cities for sale, we ended up getting the poupre instead and thought about buying some time to decide whether we really wanted the tempete. I told my mom to sleep it over and see if she misses the tempete. She knew it was a clever idea so she was happy with our POUPRE.

    The funny thing though is that I didn't know that i would be the one MISSING it. When i went to the seller's house to get tempete, she told me that a CYCLADE SGH city arrived just this morning. AND NOW i don't know which to PICK!!! Tempete with the ideal leather that i want.. or CYCLADE which has a soft and minor distressing. I brought them both home with me tonight, and i am sooo confuse.. If you were me, what would you pick? I love the color of cyclade but i'm worried that it might have some color issues through time, or that the corners would turn yellow. (like french blue, EB and skyblue) What are your opinions about this? :confused1:

    These are my current bbags:
    evergreen 08 CGH city
    pommier 09 RH city
    Sahara 07 SGH city
    poupre 09 SGH city

    P.S. Will post modeling pics tomorrow.
  2. I'd go with tempete because its such a chameleon color!
    Have you asked your mom's opinion?
  3. I would love to have your dilemma. First congrats on the poupre.
    If it was me I would choose tempete hands down.
    Have fun deciding!!!
  4. yes i have, first she wanted tempete, and when she saw cyclade, she said that she likes it better than tempete, she grabbed the cyclade and tried it on,

    you know what she said after that?

    she didn't want any of them.. :shocked:
    she truly is a woman..
  5. nah.. i don't want this kind of dilemma, i can't sleep.
    it's 3am.. and im still :broom:
  6. Hi, I would pick up Tempête too. The silver of GSH on the blue grey color of Tempête is really really amazing :smile: I think it's also probably easier to wear than cyclade. But maybe it's just me, I usually prefer neutral colors, especially with GSH. Good luck !! ::smile:
  7. I'd like to see that Tempete SGH City! I have been looking for a Tempete with a lot of distressing (moreso than my current SGH PT). Can you post up pics so we can help you decide?
  8. Although I love the cyclade color more, for you I'd say the tempete because you are torn between the colors but the tempete is your perfect leather + harder to find because not the current season. Maybe you will go back and get a cyclade too soon enough (& maybe that cyclade will have your perfect leather).
  9. To me, I love the Tempete more than Cyclade & most of all I would pick the most distressed leather over smooth. The wrinkles is more appealing to me personally, makes the bbag more interesting.:graucho: BUT... go for what you think you can wear more.
  10. Pictures please! Mod pics too please!!:useless:
  11. If it is me, I'd choose Tempete, as I am partial towards heavily distressed leather (loved your description - "(so heavily distressed) it's about to explode".

    Cylclade is a lovely colour, but for me - unless the leather is distressed, I won't even be swayed by the colour... that's just me!
  12. IMO go with the Tempete. Your description of exploding leather seals the deal for me :smile: I have it in RH. It is so fun to watch it change color in different lights. Pluse with GSH...I have no words :drool: Good luck.
  13. Oh gosh, I understand your dilemma!

    I think a wrinkly Tempete with GSH is just so beautiful... that stormy, moody blue is such an unusual, yet wearable shade... BUT, having seen Cyclade IRL, I understand why both you and your mum went nuts over that colour - it's just stunning.

    Since Cyclade is new, no one knows if it'll have any colour issues... but just about all the Bal blues tend to fade or yellow with time, and I suspect Cyclade might, given its strong teal tones (more so than Tempete anyway). Tempete might also age better in that you'll tire of the colour less, since it isn't as strong as Cyclade.

    Tough choice. I'm guessing Cyclade is the emotional choice and Tempete is the more practical one? Also, if you prefer Cyclade but not the leather, you could wait for a very distressed Cyclade to turn up, rather than just settling for this one.
  14. Your mama is FUNNY! My mom is very contradictory too. And she looks at me like I'm a moron if I say, "But you said this a minute ago, so which is it?"

    Totally agree with MichK. Sounds like Cyclade is more emotional, and Tempete is more practical. Sleep on Cyclade and see what you feel. Ok, it's hard to sleep! Try. Let it go, and see how you feel tomorrow. And if you can, post photos of you modeling both.

    A very distressed-about-to-explode Cyclade would be the ideal choice. Is that something you could wait for?

    Can you try on the bags with your favorite outfits? See which bag you prefer on?
  15. Modeling pics as promised..

    I would really appreciate your inputs ladies! Tpfers are one of the best critics when it comes to bags.. Nobody else can understand better.

    Whenever i read threads out here, i feel like all of us ladies have so much things in common.. overspending, sleepless nights, that sparkle in our eyes when we see a gorgeous bag, breaking our self impose tpf ban,.. whew*.. They are too much to mention. :P