1. Last friday I bought the chocolate patchwork duffle. I haven't used it yet but am planning to switch this weekend.
    However, I am really liking the look of the pw tote and am debating if I should exchange the duffle for the tote.
    But I really like the long strap on the duffle and it is very comfy and lightweight where I am not so sure about the straps on the tote.
    I got these pics from ebay of the two so you could compare.

    If you have an opinion please feel free to share.
    pw duf.jpg PW tote 2.jpg
  2. The straps on the duffle look more comfy...Do you just like the look of the tote or do you need a bigger bag then the duffle? I saw the demi at my outlet & just really loved the chain strap but turned it down. Gorgeous patchwork though.
  3. Are you close to the outlet? Maybe you should go there, take your duffle in case you want to exchange it, and try the tote on your shoulder just to see how it feels. I love those bags and I don't think you will go wrong with either one.
  4. I prefer the duffle
  5. I have both styles (in different bags) and can tell you that the duffle strap sits better than the totes.
  6. I like the duffle better too!
  7. I'd keep it, I love the duffle!
  8. Duffle is better. You can wear it in two different ways. :smile:
  9. Thanks!
  10. hmm there two different things.. but i personally like the tote better because you can carry more and its bigger =D
  11. I have decided to keep the duffle because I already have 2 Coach totes and this bag is very comfortable to wear on my shoulder.
    Thanks everybody!