1. Okay I'm heading over to the smaller Coach store tomorrow and I know I won't be able to leave empty handed LOL. But I'm trying to be smart about it.. so which do you think I should indulge myself in to tide me over for a bit?

    92038_B4MC_d2.jpg 94040_SVMC_d2.jpg
  2. B]
  3. I love the little striped change purse!!
  4. I'd go with A.
  5. A would be my choice. I am LOVING the stripes on that change purse! :love:
  6. The change purse key chain definitely....I use mine every single day. I put my car keys on it and a lip balm and excedrine inside! It's just perfect!
  7. I too love the change purse!
  8. I'm not sure if those will be out yet at your store, only a few stores have them and can sell them before monday :/
  9. I'd go with A.
  10. the change purse is just too adorable!
  11. Change Purse! For CERTAIN!
  12. i think that the change purse is handy!
  13. I have to agree with the others I love A. Since someone posted a pic of the chain purse, I have been in love with it! It is just sooooo pretty, especially with those stripes!
  14. A:yes:
  15. Geez...am I the only who likes the makeup bag. B for me!