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  1. so i need your help...unfortunately i cant buy any bags for a while...ive been spending way to much lately and im going on vacation in oct so i have to pay for that and put some money for savings im 24 and i think its time i start doing that!!...so since im gettin a second job to have for a alittle bit to help me save ive decided that for the holidays i will buy myself my next LV bag...by then i will have some money saved no bills and just christmas shopping to do... the only problem is i have myself on the list for the azur 30...but that comes out in nov!! do u think that they will sell out by december?? should i buy it when it comes out? or with that defeat the purpose of me getting a second job to save?? I feel that if i wait till dec to buy it will feel much more rewarding to be able to pay for the bag with no guilt..ya know what i mean?? errr idk... need advice:girlsigh:

    (hopefully they will call me for part time or holiday help and will see what happens from there)
  2. does it come out nov 2006 or 2007 ?. If I was you I wouldnt buy it.
  3. Is the damier azur a LE? If not I wouldn't be in such a hurry to get it, otherwise I would go for it
  4. Azur is going to be a part of their permanent line. Buy it when you have funds and don't stress over it right now. It's not like you will be able to use till spring anyways.:idea:
  5. so is this line like forever or will stock eventually run out ?
  6. oh u guys are right!! so its gunna be perm? thats wonderful news!! thank u:smile:
  7. I think it is wonderful that you want to start saving money.:yahoo: Since the line is going to be permanent, why not wait and purchase it when you can afford it. That time will be here before you know it.