1. I finally got the green light from my DH to get either a Kelly or a Birkin, so what's the dilemma you ask? Well, I have the opportunity to purchase a Birkin from a reseller now and looking at the pics, I love it. However, I'm wondering if I should wait to see what Kellys they have at SCP this Saturday? Argh, I can only get one, for right now.....so what's an obsessed gal to do?:hysteric:
  2. mmay, I'd go with the Birkin...the Kelly's are easier to come by, and less expensive if you do decide to eventually get one.

    What Birkin are you looking at?
  3. Can you put the Birkin on hold until Saturday? I would prefer still to go to the store and check out the inventory ... who knows, it might be your lucky day!
  4. ^true!
  5. I would only buy the birkin if you absolutely love it...don't settle. Another birkin will swing by you. If you don't love the one from the reseller then go to the boutique and see what they may have for you. I do hope luck runs your way.
  6. I agree to see if you can put a hold on the birkin - Sat. is not that far away! See what the store has - maybe even check the color of the birkin in person...and then you will be able to make a better decision...also try to think which bag will better suit your lifestyle, OR, which bag you've been aching for! Good luck!
  7. SCP has had some really nice Kelly bags in stock recently...that said...I am a Birkin girl...

    Have you "tried them out"? If not, you might go to SCP first to see if they have any Kelly bags. They have had the HAC in recently as well. You might take a look at one if in stock to get a "Birkin feel" for comparison. That is how I learned the Birkin and Bolide are better "fits" for me than the Kelly or Plume (box style)...

    Good luck with your decision!
  8. I must ditto the wise Kellybag!
  9. I am in the same predicament. I am holding out to go to the boutique this Saturday to see which style, Birkin or Kelly, fits my lifestyle. It is so hard to do!! Crossing my arms, legs, and eyes from keeping myself from pulling out that credit card. I am looking at a Kelly bag, and would like to get all of your input. I will post in authenticate right now.

    Good Luck at the Boutique this weekend!!
  10. I just saw your link at that thread. Which is the bag that you have a 2nd chance offer for? If you can show us a link to the bag with the 2nd chance offer, we can probably give you better input as that way we'll have that bag to compare to the other ones you're considering:flowers:
  11. Great advice ladies! I knew I could count on you gals to keep me levelheaded! Well, this is the one I am considering:

    eBay: HERMES HAUT A COURROIE BIRKIN BLACK/PALLADIUM (item 110021903927 end time Aug-25-06 06:27:15 PDT)

    I love black box and the 32cm size is perfect, not too big or small (I'm 5'9"). SoCal, there were HACs at SCP? Oh my, I'll definitely check it out!......I don't think the reseller will let me put the item above on hold, I'll just pray that no one gets the HAC above before I go to the shop. I'm still kicking myself for not getting the BJ Chamonix Kelly from User :cry:

    Good luck to you too NHL!!! Hope you will find exactly what you want! :flowers:

    I've tried on a 32cm Kelly and a 28cm Kelly, but not a Birkin yet...so we'll see!
  12. Amkur.....I have a 32cm Black Box HAC with Ruthenium hardware and I absolutely LOVE it! LOVE IT! I posted pics of it somewhere....I can't remember off the top of my head what thread though. I'll look.....

    I fell in love with mine from pics and when she arrived, she was even more beautiful IRL. The Box leather ages gracefully, can be fully reconditioned at H to look brand new, retains its glorious shape, can be casual or elegant and always Chic! I can't say enough about it!
  13. Found the thread.....don't know how to just post the pics so I had to copy the whole dang thing.....anyway, reallly just wanted to show the pic where I'm holding it so you can see it actually on someone. Might help you make a decision. I'm 5'3" and 110#.....

    I tell you, I love this bag :love: :love: :love:

  14. Woohoo!!! I love it! Thanks for finding the thread Shopmom! I want to be just like you, LOL!
  15. Stopped by SCP today. HACs on display are quite large...but at least you have a sense... And, yes...one gold (?) Kelly on display...maybe others...my memory is sooo bad for bag specifics...