1. What to get? Ali in black leather [even though I have a black leather Soho duffle (completely different kinds of bags/sizes) and a natural Ali] or take a chance and order the heritage medium tote with the pink stripe? :confused1::confused1::confused1:
  2. I am biased so I would say black Ali, I just can't beleive how beatiful this bag is, i will post pics
  3. Get the Heritage Tote in Pink. It is a great bag. I am not much into signature. In fact this is my first piece. I must say that something about this bag drew me in and I am not quite sure what it is. I love this collection and I am certain that I will purchase other things in Heritage stripe.
  4. That's a tough call to make since they're so different but perhaps the pink tote because you do have a black leather bag and you have an Ali already. It'd be a completely different bag to add to your collection.
  5. I would try something different. It's fun to have different kinds of bags to fall back on in your collection.
  6. I like the Heritage tote in Pink. I would go for that.
  7. Hi Tanukiki, I posted a pictures of my Ali a few minutes ago. I have to say I also love the heritage tote, there is something about it that I really like and it is fresh and different for spring so I would have a tough time deciding too !
  8. Your Ali is GORGEOUS! :love:
  9. Thank you !
  10. I think the heritage tote is so pretty but there is something about the black legacy leather that I LOVE and the Ali is a great bag. Good luck deciding!
  11. Wow - that's a tough one. I say the Heritage tote b/c I like variety. Especially since you already have a black bag and an Ali... And the tote has the adorable tattersall lining!!
  12. I like variety, but don't care for the tote so I would say ali :tup: Totally up to you though and what you want!!! :yes:
  13. BLACK ALI!!!!!!!!!
  14. Hmmmm, I don't have an Ali but would love one. However, since you already have one, I'd go for the Tote! I'm loving this Heritage Stripe stuff so I'm biased. If you didn't already have an Ali then I'd vote for her :p
    Let us know what you decide!!
  15. I go back and forth. Ali is so pretty and who knows if I'll get much more chance to get one. I looked at eBay just now and it seems as though a lot of the sellers in the last week didn't sell theirs... a few were selling soon after they hit the outlets but I think a lot of people must have found them at the outlets instead of relying on eBay...