1. ok so i really wanted the Anemone and i got them but then i realised i really wanted the prive tortoise! now i just cannot afford both so close to christmas....so do i sell the anemone on eBay (can't return as got through complicated channels) or do i leave the prive and hope in a few months, they might appear on eBay???
  2. I say wait for the tortoise vp to pop up on eBay, I believe that shoe will be marked down in the upcoming sales, so they are bound to turn up on ebay.
    Do not sell the anemone, that shoe is stunning and way better than the tortoise VP IMO.
  3. thanks kamilla,
    have you seen the tortoise VP in any NYC stores lately?

    my sister is there on business next week and might get me a pair if she saw them
  4. Squeak, if you are interested in the numero prive (the slingback version of the very prive) in tortoise shell patent I think both of the NYC boutiques have them. However, I have to agree with Kamilla--the anemone is in a different league when it comes to shoes and it is a keeper! You can probably find the tortoise shell vp on ebay now and more will pop up after the sales.
  5. thanks lavender,

    i will keep the Anemone and pray the Tortoise VP shows up somewhere over the next while :girlsigh:
  6. The tortoise VP will absolutely pop up because that shoe was carried by almost every department store, so you should have no problem locating them on ebay as I am sure that many people will be selling them eventually.
    But I repeat - the ANEMONES ARE STUNNING, if you have to choose one shoe, I say keep the anemone.