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  1. BV gals and guys, I need your advice(sorry for being so long!). I bought the medium ebano veneta for the fall/winter since that is when I usually wear dark brown colors. My nero veneta has enough sag to wear over my arm comfortably(with no coat). I should have paid attention when you ladies mentioned not being able to wear the medium veneta with your coats. It got cold recently so took my coats out, and I cannot really fit even my nero veneta over my heavy coat. Thus, I returned the ebano veneta, and now I'm a bit bummed with my nero since I wanted to use my bags during colder weather too.

    Any suggestions on a bag that can be worn over the shoulder with a coat and not larger in size than the medium veneta? The medium veneta is probably a little larger in size than I actually need. I was supposed to go to Chicago this weekend to check out bags, but I sprained my ankle so I'm stuck at home. :tdown: Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
  2. Try the Campana maybe?

    The Pyramid is also a great size and comfy on the shoulder but only comes in 2 colors.
  3. I would recommend the medium campana in ebano! :heart:
  4. ^ I wholeheartedly agree the above statement. medium campana would be a great choice.
  5. Jane, mystilleto, and catabie thank you for your suggestions.

    Jane: I think I remember you telling me the pyramid comes in one size. Do you think it is bigger than the medium veneta?

    Do you all think the two straps with the campana makes it bothersome/ annoying in terms of slipping off the shoulder easily? I thought about the campana, but I wasn't so sure with the straps. Also, anyone know if the montaigne(not sure if there's a small size) is able to be worn over the shoulder? Doesn't look like it from pics, but I'm not sure.
  6. I have both (med campana and the pyramid). I love both on my shoulder. I just cross the campana straps and they stay just fine for me. I love having two handles because it makes getting into the bag really easy when it's on your shoulder. I think the pyramid is a little larger than the med veneta. It's a great size and really roomy.
  7. I think the Campana would be a good addition to your collection, it's a classic. Like Jane, I stack one handle on the other for comfort on the shoulder. And I'd always adore Ebano in Campana (still loving it eventhough I bought it in Camel instead) as Ebano really shows off the intrecciato very well. It's a roomy bag which holds it shape. And the shoulder drop on is slightly longer than the Sloane.
  8. I would suggest the ball bag and the pyramid. The pyramid is a bit bigger than the medium veneta but because it slouches so nicely it doesn't look bigger KWIM?:yes:
    The ball goes easy over the shoulder and is really comfy to wear.
  9. I'd say the Ball or medium Campana - both will fit over a thick coat and it sounds like the Ball may be a perfect size for you as well as it holds ever so slightly less than the medium veneta :tup:
  10. The medium Campana is a lovely bag and looks gorgeous in ebano. It also fits very comfortably over the shoulder. Hope this helps! Will be v exciting to see what you buy.
  11. Ms piggy, Balchifen, VKD, Tanja, jane: thank you for your additional insights.

    I am between the campana, ball bag, and maybe the montaigne if it can be worn over the shoulder. Honestly, if I went with the ball bag I prefer the old version. Does anyone know if they are phasing the old ball bags out of stores soon to make room for the new ones? Ugh, I wish my ankle would get better faster so I can go to the boutique or Saks!
  12. awww dear so sorry about ur ankle.. hope u get better soon :yes:
    hounestly all altrnatives mentioned are lovely!! may i add my humble openion.. i would vote campana :biggrin: its style really suites the winter season so much.. worn with jackets etc.. it has this touch of elegance in its double handles :heart:
  13. So sorry to hear about your ankle. I just wanted to point out that the ball bag is definately larger than the medium veneta.
  14. I agree with those who say try a ball, that fits over the shoulder easily.

  15. I've had both and the original Ball holds ever so slightly less than the Med Veneta because of the way it is designed internally with all the pockets. I think they are comparable in size to look at - they are a different shapes of course so it's hard to tell for sure ;)