1. Morning Ladies & Gents.

    I'm in a little bit of a pickle....

    I ordered a Gold Togo 35 Birkin in the last podium which was accepted, but also was going to be called if one came in earlier. Now, it seems that we're moving back to Australia where my chances of getting anything are probably zilch since the closest store to Perth is Singapore. Anyhoo.....

    My store might be getting a Gold Clemence Birkin in shortly. Should I get it or hold off for Togo which might not come in before we leave?

    Togo is my first choice, but is Clemence really that much different?
  2. I would say to hold off for Togo if that is your first choice....

    BUT, if your store calls you with a gold, clemence, and you see it IRL and love it, then buy the clemence.

    Either way, there will be a new Birkin in your life... it's just a matter of when.
  3. Cross that bridge when you come to it. If the clemence sings to you, then take it.
  4. Do you have the option of paying for your birkin first before you leave, and arrange for it to be shipped to you in Perth?
  5. I think you need to see the clemence bag.

    I've had 3 clemence experiences. One more or less fits the description of clemence. Another was stiffer but has softened, and the third, well, imagine clemence with the worst possible posture. It couldn't be floppier. Reminds me of the floppy cat that used to appear in Peanuts a long long time ago.
  6. If this is an option I would suggest it also. But do see the clemence;you never know!!
  7. You´re moving back to Australia, that´s great, you missed it didn´t you! I love both leathers so I would take the first one offered:yes:
  8. I would imagine she would have to pay customs duty on the bag even though it was paid before the shipping:sad:
  9. I would wait and see the bag, I have read that the leathers are not too different, I am sure fellow PF can give you further help. I am sure you have a lovely black birkin already - I saw the pic with you and your baby on your bike - I still remember that photo, so pretty! Anyway, wait and see the bag.x
  10. Cal, I'd wait and see how you feel about the clemence when it somes in. If you love it - grab it. If not see what you can work out.

    Will DH have to go back to Holland for business? Could he pick the togo up for you then? Is there someone in his Dutch office you could have the togo shipped to and then forwarded or could they bring it out?

    Where there's a will.......
  11. I'm with Hello. If it comes in, get out there and try that puppy on!

    That way you'll know... either she will sing to you and you will feel wonderful about it, or she won't, so then no amount of waiting of bag finagling will seem wrong. You'll have stiffer resolve to get your Togo!! :tup:
  12. Hi Cal! You already have great advice from the ladies above, so I won't add anything further.

    I just want to wish you the best of luck with the move. I hope your ds is able to find a good school and that you have all the help you can get + your dream birkin!
  13. Thanks Ladies, hopefully it will come in next week adn I can have a look.

    My H store will only ship to a local address. I can have a friend send it on but will miss out on the tax refund and also avoid any incoming Aussie taxes.

    The more I'm reading on Clemence the more I'm liking it. My order was originally for Clemence but I changed it to Togo at the last minute.
  14. oh I think you should do it :smile:
  15. Definitely do it. I have the gold togo, but would have taken either.