1. I have a hugh dilemma ..and need you guys suggestion.

    Ok... the thing is I waitlisted for LE bag in 5 stores

    Store A : I used to buy from before (so I definitly get one from this store).

    Store B : I used to waitlist many bags, then came out later that I had to cancel, so I think this time I should get some bags from this store.

    Store C : I haven't waitlist from from this store before, so when I did it, I wasn't expect to get it from this store.

    The problem is the store C just called me a few mins ago and said that the bag is in the store right now..
    there're so many people waiting for this bag... but since I'm the first on the list, so they asked me first.

    What do you think I should do?
    1. get from store A & B
    2. get from store A & C (since they called)

    **BTW, I will have 2 bags in the same style (one for me, one for my friend).. so I need to buy from 2 stores...
  2. It depends on how long you want to wait for the bag, I guess. If you can stand to wait for A & B, maybe it will only be a few more days?
  3. How badly and how soon do you want the bag? Go to the store where its actually waiting for you to pick up!! (store C)
  4. Def store C & A ;) Just thinking if you expect from store A & B, cancel from store C then store A & B fail to locate for you. It mean you'll lose that bag!
  5. I say you go for A & C since they called you first and since you can get your hands on the bag sooner.
  6. store a and c since c called already!
  7. if it's that hard to get hold of wherever gets them first no matter which it is
  8. You should go with the store that called your first.
  9. I would go with whoever called for first.
  10. id go with who ever has the bag for you first. if its a store youv never used before then you might even end up with a great new relationship with a different store.
  11. Go for the sure thing right now so that would mean "one bag down, one more to go" and you won't be so anxious. Good luck!!
  12. Go with who returned your call first. It's not your fault they got it in first....how bad do you want this bag?