1. OK, so I went to the store today at lunch to check my schedule and while I was there on impulse I bought the signature multi-stripe wristlet. I already have the demi and the mini skinny, but it was the last wristlet and I don't know what possessed me. It's just so pretty...and I've been hearing rumors that it's selling out really quick. Anyway, on e-bay I'm bidding on a punch wristlet and now I'm thinking I should return or sell this wristlet to one of my friends, to help save up to fund my sig multi-stripe tote and the punch wristlet I'm really dying to get...

    thoughts? advice? help! :nuts:
  2. decisions decisions :smile:

    I would wait and see if you win the punch wristlet -- if you win it, return the multi stripe one you got. If you don't win the auction, keep it
  3. I'd say keep it a day or so and see how you feel. If you don't think you can afford it or you really love something else more, then return it and save for your other items.
  4. ^^ great advice ^^

  5. I agree!!
  6. I hope you're buying two things! haha

    Anyways, ethically i wouldn't sell to a friend unless it's for exactly what you paid- if you don't want it, I would just return it.

  7. Oh I'd sell it to my BFF for what I paid for it. She loves the multi stripe. And yes I bought two things -- you know why :smile: The other was just a keyfob.
  8. haha good girl! I hate when new people don't get how much this hurts the store when they constantly buy one thing. During the holiday, I definitely refused to ring a few employees! :p
  9. Haha I don't blame you! Yeah. they didn't have to tell me twice. They showed me the stats and stuff, and I was like, hmm, that makes perfect sense. LOL. I just hope they'll return the favor when I ring them! :p
  10. wait, i didn't think you were in mgmt!
  11. Can I ask why you should buy two things? If its a Coach secret no problem.
  12. It just goes along with numbers, I can't really say exacts but lets just say if everyone walked in buying one thing- we wouldn't be making them!

  13. What do you mean? At our store it's a running competition you could say.
  14. Well, I pretty much know, and thats only because I work at Best Buy and numbers to use are very imporatant.

    Pretty much if you buy two items, it makes something called UPT go up. UPT stands for Units per Transaction. The more units + the cost of the items can be a good thing or a bad thing, at least in some buisnesses. Like, if you have a 500$ bag and a 35 $ key fob, thats great for UPT. But, if you're looking at ASP (Averave Selling Price) it means that trasnactionasction was only for 267 bucks pretty much. The store still makes the revenue, but, the more stuff you buy at once, costing a lot of money, it's the best idea in the long run. I've heard of coach being pretty harsh on UPT, I don't know how they are towards ASP. At least I know at Best Buy they want us to attatch attatch attatch!
  15. There is still a lot of punch stuff at Macy's - reversible totes, wristlets, and mini skinnies. With the Friends and Family discount you could keep both.