1. So I'm having issues right now...I bought a Damier Azure Speedy 30 a couple of weeks ago and I thought I was really satisfied and really loved it but now i'm having second thoughts! I haven't even used it because I just don't know! Initially I really wanted an Eliza in Black MC and I talked myself out of it but then I was looking in the visual reference guide and I saw one modelled and it's sooo adorable. I don't have any MC items but i've always wanted some (and always talked myself out of them in fear that they would "go out" fast). What do you guys think?? Should I return the Speedy and get an Eliza...or keep the Damier?? i'm just feeling torn about it and need some advice.:sad:
  2. Can you keep it and still get the other bag?
  3. I love the speedy! But I love MC too so that's a tough one... What about a MC speedy?? :p

    But honestly, if you're having doubts about the speedy, I would return it and go with what you REALLY want to buy!
  4. I vote damier speedy if you are worried about the bag becoming outdated.
  5. I'd return it if I had doubts. ;)
  6. Get what you really love (which seems to be the Eliza...).
  7. Damier Azur is timeless, and very new...MC is fun.
  8. The MC will never "go out", in my opinion. So I would go ahead and get the MC. It seems that is what you really want. :smile:
  9. ^ ITA :yes:
  10. get what you want and use!!!
  11. It may be too late to return if it's been a couple of weeks, unless you are just exchanging; you may want to check with your store. I agree though, if you don't love it, try and get something else you will love more.
  12. Go with what your heart is telling you. If you really don't love the speedy you should get the one you want. Life's too short for regrets, especially about a handbag.
  13. get what you love, not what you like.
  14. I would get what you love.
  15. I agree with the suggestion of exchanging it for something you love, which, is the MC Eliza as you stated.:yes: