Dilemma-Work,Weekender,or Part Time Oh my! Thoughts please!

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Which one is better for me?

  1. Weekender

  2. Work

  3. Part-time

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Okay so here's the thing: I'd like a new bag for Fall, and am leaning towards a bigger Bbag bag than what I own (ink day, greige oval, black city and anthracite first). I really like the weekender but am wondering if I would look unbalanced/overwhelmed considering I am 5ft 2(hee, hee closer to 5ft 1.5;)) and 105 pounds. I just want a big bag period. I am overseas at the moment and have no way of trying on any of the sizes at this moment in time. I would like to wait-list however so have to come to a decision and tell my DH so he can put my name down. I would love to know what my Bbag gals think! So which one - weekender, work or part-time? Thank you so much!
  2. my vote's for the work:smile:
  3. Are you going to be using this for every day use? I just got my first Work and was surprised that it wasn't THAT much bigger than my city. It's a GREAT size for everyday. I also have a WE and IMO I wouldn't use that for everday...I am barely 5'4 125lbs. and to me it's too big unless you use it for travel.
  4. I voted for the work because if you are looking for a bigger bag then the pt is about the same size as the city.
  5. Thank you for voting!
    Yeah definitely more for everyday kind of use. But I definitely want that big bag kind of feeling, I am suddenly intent on 'hugeness' but of course don't want to look like a complete ass!:P
  6. I say go with a Work then! You'll love it!
  7. Thanks for voting!
    I've only ever seen pics of the part-time, but if it is about the same size of the city than that definitely wouldn't work.
  8. WORK! definitely. The weekender is just too BIG..i tried it on and i'm only 5'3 and 115lbs and i was so overwhelmed. The work is just perfect though...very proportionate on everyone.
  9. Looks like everyone is in agreement!
    hellosunshine Thanks,I had a feeling that the weekender might be too much for my height, but I just loved seeing everyone else's that I was getting so tempted.
  10. WORK! To me the Weekender is too cumbersome to carry on a daily basis. The Work is perfect for, well, work and everyday use! It's my fave size.
  11. i think you should get the part time. I'm the same height as you. i got the weekender and it was huge on me. it looked like the bag was wearing me. then i tried the work and it was still too big. then i got the part time and i love it! i needed a bigger bag because i have two little boys that has tons of stuff. as far as size goes i think the pt looks the best on me of the three.
  12. Thanks ICB!
    I knew my fellow Bbags pals would not let me down - all of you are my voice of reason!
    Next time on my shopping expeditions what I need to do is to model all manners of styles so I don't bother all of you with insane questions!
  13. DEFINITELY a Work. The Part-Time, to me, is not really thaaat big of a bag. Plus, for shorties like us (I'm 5'2"), it doesn't have great hang since it's such a long bag. It tends to fold down the middle when you're carrying it by the shoulder strap. The Weekender is GINORMOUS. I see it as more of a carry-on luggage than a handbag.

    So if you want a great biggish everyday bag, go for the Work. If you want an extremely large bag that could double as carry-on luggage, then go for the Weekender.
  14. Check out this thread I made about the Work...

    Anatomy of a Work


    OMG! I just remembered I had comparison pics!! Yay...



    not the best but here... WORK VS. PART TIME

  15. Hi fellow shorties ;)! I want big so I think I may just go for the work rather than part-time though I would love the addition of a strap that you have the option for in the part-time laksalala. Of course I wish I had all the money in the world and get all 3 at once!! Thanks!
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