Dilemma with the Classic Flap!!! Opinions please!

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  1. Hello Chanel lovers!

    I am currently in the dilemma of deciding whether or not to get another black medium flap with GHW. I bought the same black one three years ago but with SHW. It now looks a bit worn out around the corners and on the back (as it is always rubbed against my jeans when I walk) with some light scratches. Therefore, I think it is about time to get another classic flap.

    And here comes the dilemma.
    I don't know if it is a good idea to get another classic bag in black? Since the only difference from my old one is just the colour of hardware. The colours of classic flap out there at the moment don't really attract me and I am not too sure whether I would like the Act II colours either. If I wait till they come out, the price of the bag may have already gone up by a few hundred pounds (I'm in London atm)... So I don't know if I should just get the black flap and forget about all the new colours and prices for the moment..

    So what do you guys think? Any opinion would be appreciated! :smile:
  2. It's up to you. If you have the money to purchase the bag I say go for it...But I would try to diversify you collection first maybe before buying the same one? Maybe try another classic color like beige?

    You could always buy it and save it, then exchange for another color/hardware that you like instead. That's what my SA told me to do. Just don't use it and keep the tags on. If something in the color you want comes in, just trade! I'm not sure if they do that in the UK so I would suggest asking your local boutique first.
  3. Per se it's no big deal to get another black classic flap... Then you'l have one with shw and one with ghw, no problem to me!

    But why not nonetheless having a look at the classic flaps of the Spring/Summer collection who are about to arrive at the boutiques? Maybe there's a colour that you like - and it's seasonal, when it's gone, it's gone. Black is a permanent available colour, you can get it anytime
  4. I'm guilty of buying the same bag in different hardware but something in your post concerns me. A Chanel bag shouldn't be "worn out" in only 3 years. I wear mine daily and have not had any do this. What material is your bag? Have you considered sending it to Chanel for spa treatment? It would be helpful if you could post photos of this wear.
  5. Hiya! Thanks for the reply.

    Mine is a black lambskin. It is not like totally 'worn out' and has completely lost its structure. But when it is under the sun, you can see that the bag is not as 'black' as before? Kinda faded slightly if you get what I mean. The bottom has slightly gone out of shape as I used to carry quite a lot of stuff with the bag. A little confession to make: I took it to parties too.. (although I am certain that no alcohol ever came into contact with it) Guess that's why it's more worn out than it should be.

    Unfortunately I don't have the bag with me at the moment as I left it at home. So can't post a photo to show you all.

    As for the spa treatment, what will Chanel actually do to help recover my bag? And how much would they charge for the service?
  6. Thanks! Would definitely check with the boutique. But if I am to exchange for another colour, say in March or April after the price for classics has been increased, I would have to pay for the price difference right? Guess so.. it is just too good to be true lol.
  7. Thanks for your reply!
    I do want to get a seasonal colour for my next classic. Hopefully the Spring/ Summer collection would arrive before the price goes up!
    In fact, do you know by how many percentages does Chanel tend to increase the prices? If the increase isn't too much, I might as well just wait for the new colours! :biggrin:

  8. When I asked SA in London about spa treatment they said they don't do it, however in USA it's a complete different story. I would suggest you ask the botique to make sure. Sometimes I get different answers from diff SA.
  9. Okay so I will try to advise the best I can. As to being out of shape, that would have to be looked at by Chanel to see if they can block it out. As to the color, you can go two ways. You can get some Meltonian boot and shoe in black (small jar) and use that to blacken your bag (super easy to use; instructions in care and maintenance threads) and it won't really affect the feel of the leather. You could otherwise have Chanel re-dye it but that will change the feel of the bag.

    Summer bags are arriving now in the US. You could buy a lovely color and then send your black bag away to the spa. If you are outside of the US, you can contact Chanel Paris directly and arrange to send your bag directly to them for spa.
  10. Ah right. Think I will probably check with the boutique again! Thanks!
  11. Thanks! Do you know around how long it would take for the spa treatment? Or it just depends on the condition of the bag?
  12. It depends on how busy they are. They usually quote you the outside time around 12 weeks.
  13. Spa services are not available in Europe, Chanel Paris offer a refurb service, e.g. replacement locks, chains etc. Chanel in the US offers spa treatments. Mine are sent to Chanel NYC. :smile:
  14. Good to know, CB. They will often say they are sending them to Paris when you take them in to the stores in the U.S. So Paris only does hardware issues and not leather repair/cleaning, etc.?
  15. from my personal experience i say yes get it. I purchased a jumbo caviar in black in shw a few years ago, no matter how many color chanel bags i have purchased through out the years, there is always a side of me that want to get the black classic with ghw. After debating back and forth, i finally purchased my black with ghw this year. It was the best decision