dilemma with new purchase of LV

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  1. I am FINALLY purchasing a bag:yahoo:...my fiance gave me $700 to spend and I thought I had my heart set on Neverfull MM, but when I tried it...I didn't like the way it looked on me...so....now I have my eyes set on Tivoli GM, but the salesperson told me that the straps tend to flip upwards and with wear and tear, it doesn't hold up as well as others....then i saw the tivoli pm online, but need to see it in person...because i want something that i can carry on my shoulder and as top handle...what would be the your choice??? If you have these bags...please tell me what you would pick?
  2. Unless you have very small shoulders and slim arms, you cannot carry the tivoli pm on your shoulder. It is meant to be a handheld bag. If you are looking for more of a tote bag, then get the Neverfull. If you want more of a purse, then go for the Tivoli GM.
  3. How about a delightful! Try the PM or MM in store.
  4. Do you have a modeling pick with your neverfull?
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    totally agree with Pinkalicious

    the delightful might be the one for you (:
  6. Yea, try the delightful. It's within your price range too.
  7. How about the Speedy Idylle?
  8. try the Delightful!
  9. Try the Delightful! If you don't mind adding a little bit, maybe the Palermo?
  10. I agree with both suggestions for either the Delightful PM (which I own) or the Palermo. I love the Tivoli PM, but it's not a shoulder bag. Did your boutique have enough bags in stock for you to try them all on?
  11. Tivoli PM is super cute but I find it too small for me. Not sure how big you are but it's meant to be used as handheld. I actually tried it at the boutique today and decided to not get it. GM is a nice size but the straps were a deal breaker for me. Maybe you can have the strap cut off so it won't flip?
  12. try the Delightful! it's TDF!
  13. I think the Palermo PM may be what you'd like more than the Tivoli GM. But I think you can adjust the straps of the Tivoli GM if you want it as a top handle bag too....but there were cases seen here of the straps wrinkling.
  14. What about the Palermo?
  15. The Tivoli PM handle drop isn't that big. It might not fit comfortably on the shoulder. Have you considered the Galliera, Delightful, Mono Idylle or Stresa?