Dilemma with my Chloe vs new BBag

  1. I have been contemplating for a few weeks whether to sell my Chloe Paddy, and get a new BBag in the fall.

    I love the look of the Paddy, but since I got my BBags I find myself not carrying the Chloe bag. On the other hand, I have two City bags, so I'm afraid, I'll get tired of them. Does one ever get tired of bbags? Should I sell my Chloe bag?
  2. I'm in same situation as you. I carry my bbags much more than the paddy because I find it too heavy and hard to use. But I'm not sure whether I should really sell it because I love the look of the bag. :unsure:
  3. I have the black bbag city and the black medium pocket paddy right now...also trying to decide if I should keep/list the pocket paddy...but will wait until next bag arrives to decide... Both really are great bags!
  4. That is one of the main reasons I do not carry the paddy anymore! It is so heavy :sad2: I love the B bags
  5. Exactly. I just love the look of the bag, but if I don't carry it, is it worth keeping? (this is my head thinking) Still I don't know if I can bring myself to let go of the bag. Did other people resolve to keeping the bag, and just look at it? :wacko:

    My husband was like "why don't you remove the d*$m lock if it's that heavy?" And I looked at him as if he was some kind of an alien. What is the point without the lock!!!

    On the other hand, I LOVE carrying the bbag. Probably will get a Work bag in the fall whether I sell the paddy or not.
  6. I find it's tough to carry heavy bags once you've carried Balenciaga--it's so nice to have a light bag!

    Perhaps you could wait a little while and see if you start carrying your Chloe again--if you don't, you could sell it then. It would be a shame to sell it too soon and then regret it. Paddy bags are great too.
  7. That's funny ryu_chan :biggrin:

    My fiance actually went so far as to removing the lock once because he got so annoyed with me complaining about how heavy it is and how I managed to damage things while flipping the lock over! :nuts: I was horrified and put the lock back immediately but only to have it sitting there in my closet. **sigh**
  8. I am a Bbag addict. I sold my anthracite paddy for another Bbag. But I miss the style and leather alot (just not the color I had), I bought ChloeSS blanc paddy yesterday. Dont get me wrong I didnt get sellers remorse, cause I really didnt like the anthracite color at all, but Im super happy to have this geougeous blanc paddy back in my collection. I say definetely KEEP YOURS! :smile:
  9. I have the blanc satchel and i love the colour and the leather :love: It's just unfortunate that i don't get too much use out of the bag. I live in NYC, where we walk everywhere, so carrying a light bag is almost necessary.
  10. AW, I have heard from several pf girls that New York is a bad place for light colored bags. Is there alot of dust or something?:huh: Im from CA. and we dont really have problems with light colors, I dont think. But we do drive everywhere around here I guess that would help. But I am with you on the color. I love it:love: As HelenNZ said, it reminds her of a yummy marshmellow:biggrin:
  11. Well I think walking around alot and being in constant contact with other people are enough to make a bag dirty. BUT for some reason, my blanc paddy has not gotten dirty at all, unlike my white bbag. That's why I love her so much. Hehe. :P
  12. Oh yeah,
    I had a white City. I used it only once and it started to get dirty just that quick. But man is it a nice looking bag!
  13. I'd get rid of the Paddy and get another Bbag.
  14. I live in NYC as well. Probably that's why I don't see as many Paddys. I see so many fake Bbags, and some real Bbags though.

    BTW, blanc satchel is a beautiful bag. I didn't get that color because I have an MJ bag that has almost the same color leather/hardware. It would have been too similar.
  15. i always felt bad for keeping all the bags i have. but then looking at the handbag collections of others, and having a wonderful collection is great! or force urself to rotate the bags weekly =)