Dilemma with LV GROOM AGENDA PM>>HELP!<<<<

  1. Okay so I purchased a beautiful groom agenda pm :graucho:but have had no luck with refills, :sad:I don't like the LV ones because they don't have the monthly pages, only weekly, and I am not 100% satisfied with them....can anyone tell me where I can possibly purchase other options? I know that some of the wonderful tpf' ers use japanese characters, but I have researched all over the internet and in NY cannot find anything:confused1:...please pm with help!!! thanks guys!:nuts: the best I was able to come with was some blue bear inserts but they don't have a whole set,:tdown: and dates aren't printed on them...thanks guys!!!:tup:
  2. i bought refills for my Groom agenda at the office supply store. I can't remember the brand, they were either DayTimer or Filofax, I think. They fit perfectly!
  3. ^^ yep, either of those places. staples. daytimer.com
    eBay might even have so me hello kitty if you're looking for those.
  4. I tried eBay, nothing ad staples said they don't have anything to fit my planner, HELP!
  5. daytimer.com they have them, When I had my mc agenda I ordered them there.
  6. going now....