Dilemma: White MC French purse OR Cerises Zipped wallet??

  1. I really like both...which one should I get though? I can go to a LV counter & pay $750 Cdn for a brand new MC French wallet. With the Cerises wallet, if I want it brand new, I will have to pay "the hung's family" on ebay $835 US for it :crybaby:. (Brand new cerises wallet don't come up on ebay very often) I really like the cerises wallet....it's a perfect size for me.... but should I spend that much on it though? The french purse is a little bit too big for me. I just got a LV cerise agenda & I love it. Do you think I should save money & use that cerises agenda as a wallet since it has the same pattern as the Cerises zipped wallet??

    I also saw a used Cerises wallet for approx $650, but 2 of the cerises are scratched off a bit. It is not really noticable though...but should I get this one instead & save some money? Your advices??? Thanks!
  2. If you can live with the scratches, get the used one and save yourself some money.
  3. Get the one you really want which sounds like the Cerises. As you said, the MC you can get anytime...
  4. Get the cerises, either from the Huang family or used.. The white mc french purse will get dirty easily, plus it's not a limited edition. You already have a cerise agenda which you love, so get an additional cerise item to match it!
  5. Cerises wallet for sure. Used one if you're on a budget....since the scratches are not really noticeable but is the interior as new?
  6. Yes..the interior is very new! :yes: for the used one!

    Thanks ladies! You are right...I can get the MC french wallet anytime, but I kinda worry about the interior getting dirty too.
  7. ^^^IMO I'll get the used one then.....almost $200 which I can put towards a new bag :graucho:Good luck with your decision.;)
  8. Get the used one then! Wallets will get scratched and worn anyway, it's inevitable. Right now I'm a bit :mad: with my mono koala wallet coz I got a huge scratch on the clasp yesterday from taking it out of my manhattan, it simply scraped against the zipper as I pulled it out to pay for sth. Point is, wallets have to endure lots of wear and tear through normal use, and a brand new one will not look new for long anyway... good luck with your choice!
  9. i would go for the cerises... and if you have money, buy the perfect one. but if you don't and can't wait to have it, get the used one.
    although i think the price is quite high, it's almost the same to get a nice cerises speedy :P
  10. cerise for sure! And get the new one so you won't have any regrets. Good luck!
  11. Thanks ladies!
  12. You should get the one with the scratches IMO, It's $200 less and there are so many cherries on the zipped wallet that I'm sure it's not really noticeable. Are the scratches really bad?

    Where did you see the used one? I don't see it on ebay?

    Maybe if you post a picture, it will be easier for us to help you :yes:
  13. Hi, MioirPrincess....the scratches on the wallet bugs me a bit..but for $200 bucks less; I guess I will deal with it. :Push: I saw the used wallet @ a used designer bag site. I have attached a picture of the scratches! Is the scratches consider to be "bad"??? :sweatdrop:

  14. Well, what's the rest of the wallet look like? Let's see what it appears globally and then figure out if it's a buy or not.

    From the pics, it looks really small and barely noticeable. I think if you overemphasize that, you might miss out on that deal. Besides, like everywone says, if the wallet will be used often, it's just gonna get scratched up a bit anyway.

    $200 is a BIG price difference. You really could use that toward buying your French Purse the next time! :yes:
  15. Not bad at all for me but if you are picky about details in general don't buy it. The pic is really small I don't see the entire thing, did you see that here KarenKooper.com - Leather Goods & Accessories

    I think I recognize the watermark not sure though.