Dilemma-which reissues 227 to get?

  1. I just bought my very first reissue..dark silver size 225 and I love it to bits!!
    So now being Chanel obsessed as I am,I'm looking for a bigger size..227 or 228..I'm thinking patent...do you know how much the patent black size 227 retail for?or the metallic color..or should I wait for the new collection??I can't decide!One thing I'm sure of is that I will definitely get another reissue!!!!!!:graucho:
  2. There's heaps of info and modelling pics in the 'Post Pics of Your Flaps/Reissues' thread - i love it!

    From memory the 227 is around $2495, although this might have increased with the new season...

  3. Is yours from the S/S08 collection?:yes:
  4. All the reissues have increased in price. The 227 used to be $2495, but for S/S 08 is now $2850. Price increase was in Nov.:sad:
  5. Are there black patent's still around in stores? I thought by now all of the leather reissues from prior seasons are sold out.
  6. I tot so too; confirmed none in the little Chanel boutique in Singapore:confused1:
  7. Yeah they are sold out Smoothoprter!My best bet is probably eBay..but I never buy designer bags off of eBay before so.....
    Babevivtan my bag is from the previous season not the new one.My SA told me that the new season will have the following metallic colors:gold,silver,and light silver(kinda gold)in her store.Other basic colors are black,white,and dark brown.
    I already put myself on the waitlist for the 'crack metallic dark navy blue'!!!:graucho: But will probably have to wait for another month or so..
    Still......should I get the patent reissue??ARGGHHH..I can't decide..HELP!
  8. I have the same wish as you. I've got the 226 dark silver reissue and am now dying to get something in 227 (preferably another metallic).
  9. The black patent was beautiful, but the metallic black is just as fabulous. I would get the metallic black that is coming out for S/S2008. As I recall the black patent had distressed gold hardware, and the new metallic black will have shiny silver hardware.
  10. I would go for patent 277- love that bag!
  11. I think the metallic 08 is going to be gorgeous, I would go for one!
  12. wldn't the S/S08 reissues be similar to what you already have? Maybe the patent will be more different!;)

  13. Thankx all for your opinion!
    I missed the train with the patent 227!!(on ebay that is).I think it would give me a better comfort to buy from the boutique knowing everything is authentic.
    Now I just can't wait for the new reissue to arrive!!Meanwhile I'll enjoy my Christmas bag purchases....
    Thankx again!