DILEMMA. Which pink purse?

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Which Pink Purse?

  1. Givenchy Antigona

  2. Chanel 3

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  1. I have finally decided to let go of my mini taupe chain around to fund a pink purse. But now I can't decide between a pink Chanel 3 or a pink Givenchy.. Help me please!!!

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  2. Well if you are posting in the Chanel forum you prob will get a lot of votes for Chanel. I'm not familiar with the Givenchy bag but I like that structure it has. I like the color of both bags but I'd have to know more details like prices, types of leathers to give a honest answer. The Chanel 3 looks like lamb and I melt for lamb!!!
  3. Chanel will hold its value waaayyyy more then the givenchy! I feel like the givenchy is really trendy right now, and once the trend is over....so is the price! Remember when the Chloe paddington purse was so popular, and now people can't give them away :sad: Chanel will always hold it's value on a flap. They are both stunning...but my vote is for the Chanel !
  4. I believe the Chanel is lambskin! And I think the Givenchy is goatskin. :] I love the look of the Givenchy since it's something different from my Chanel flaps but I don't want it to be a bag I can't wear 5 years from now without it looking "out" you know? Ahhh. Decisions decisions! Aaandd I think the Chanel is about $3400 and the Givenchy is $2280. :]
  5. I know right! I love that Chanel is classic and timeless but I feel like the Givenchy is a gorgeous piece too..I'm scared of having a bag that will look too dated in a few years but I still can't decide..
  6. I think the Givenchy is very similar to a prada tote and I'd prob opt for the prada before Givenchy.... So based on the price and your concerns and everything I'd prob go with the Chanel....

  7. The givenchy will be "out" in 5 years.
  8. Chanel
  9. I vote Chanel.
  10. I love the Antigona but I feel like it's not going to be as popular this next year. Chanel is more timeless. So I vote Chanel!
  11. Chanel!
  12. If longevity is an absolute requirement, then no question you should stick with Chanel. I love my Chanels but I also like variety and I love love love my small Antigona! It holds a ton and is light and has such a sleek/edgy/sophisticated look. The pink ant is so gorgeous!
  13. Wowww they're both nice!! I'll be confused too. But i think each serves different purposes so if you want an everyday bag and you usually bring a lot of stuffs, then i think antigona will serve you better because it seems roomier (and cheaper, hehehe). But if you want a weekend/light bag with just simple necessities, that chanel is better. I love my chanels but space is usually the issue. Why dont you try fitting your stuffs in both bags and compare. You might find the answer. Maybe you'll end up getting both, hahaha
  14. I am clearly biased as I recently purchased this same Chanel 3 along with matching flats :smile:
  15. YOU DID?? Do you mind posting pictures please!!! I just want to see what the color looks like in better lighting. I haven't seen it in person yet :graucho: