Dilemma... which one to keep? (long..& pic)


which one to keep?

  1. Dk Beige Bubble Quilt Bowler

  2. Black Baby Cabas

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  1. I need an advice!! after saving up.. It's my first Chanel splurge for this year.. :heart:

    I recently posted a poll for deciding between Baby Cabas and Bubble quilt bowler... resulted the most poll to be the BQ bowler.
    I decided to choose BQ bowler over the baby cabas.. and bought it via NM catalog online two days go and chose for Next day shipping.

    However, I revisited my local Chanel boutique yesterday, to once more trying Baby Cabas.. fell in love .... argh.. :push: and my BF offered me to borrow his CC to buy this one (since I already used up my Debit card for the BQ bowler). My first plan is just do comparing at home between these two.. but couldn't resist the temptation by its beauty!

    Now, I have two Chanel bags laying on my table. but not sure which one to keep...I ask my BF for his opinion, but he seems such a no help ..

    for additional information, I'm 20, 5'4" & 112lbs.

    Girls, please help me decide!!

    another question,
    which one is harder to get? I saw many threads said BQ is now a popular style.. and sold out in most stores..

    This is the pic

    TIA! :heart:
  2. wHY not keep both if you can. You said you could pay off the other one in 2 weeks. If you really love both, keep both. I think they are really nice bags, but I prefer the bubble quilted one. Keep both if you can!
  3. They're completely different looks so if you can afford it, I'd keep both! I'm not a huge fan of bubble quilt myself but that's because I really punish my bags. I love my baby cabas :heart:
  4. I want to.. but I'm afraid it's too much for me.. :crybaby:at least i want me to keep one.. I'm trying to limit myself. if I couldn't stop this one, I'm afraid I will always do the same for the next purchase........... sorry if it's confusing..
  5. I like them both..but i have a coco cabas and i really love it so i'd go with that one.
  6. Well, you are young at 20, so I think it would depend on what would work with your wardrobe the best...do you see yourself dressed more in clothing that would be better complimented by the Cabas or BQ....otherwise I would keep both, but I am a true addict at this point, so I am not the one to say put it back on the shelf....hehehe. Good Luck on selecting one over the other.:tup:
  7. I vote for the baby cabas!
  8. If there is any way to keep both, keep both. You have to realize we're enablers here :smile:

    If you really have to decide, then an evaluation of your wardrobe will likely dictate which one you will be able to use more.
  9. Hmmm. they both beautiful!, they both diff. style too, so is up to you, which will fit better for your everyday needs, clothing, style etc.. Good luck in your decision, I'm sure you'll make the right choice:smile:.
  10. I prefer the bowler personally, but you should pick the one you can't live without.
  11. I love the baby cabas.
  12. i have the baby cabas and the BQ flap. i am so afraid something is going to happen to my BQ. my baby cabas however is virtually indestructible. i'm a student entering the working world and the baby cabas suits my needs. i haven't had a chance to take my BQ yet... but i can't wait! i guess what i'm saying is do you need something more functional or you don't really care.

    if you need something functional i say baby cabas but if you just want a beautiful bag, go for the BQ!!
  13. The BQ is so gorgeous, but you really do have to think about how careful you will have to be with the soft leather...The cabas is a bit more durable.
  14. I was not a fan of the BC until I saw and carried one, it is truly a great bag. I have both the BC and the BQ. BC is a great, everyday mommy bag for me. BQ is just beautiful, I haven't used it yet, but it's not going back to the store. If you can, I would keep both, they are two really different bags. Sorry I'm no help.:p
  15. such a hard decision! i can feel what you are going through! both are gorgeous bag.....if i have to make the decision, i would go with the cabas because it's black and more durable.