Dilemma : which one should i keep ?

  1. Both of these bags are black and heavy, Stam and Sweet Punk hobo. And, I want to let go of one of them to get another lighter LV bag that I have been eyeing on for quite sometimes. which one should i keep ? :sad:
  2. I would keep the stam, it is more distinctive. There are so many hobos out there.
  3. [​IMG]

    this is a photo of the purses i mentioned earlier on. i was thinking of letting go of the black stam, but i love the olive cotton lining. :sad: ...
  4. Keep the sweet punk! I like the stam too but I feel like they're too ubiquitous. (Not where I live, but in gossip papers).
  5. Stam! It's much more of a classic bag that you can use until you're older.
  6. I vote to keep the Stam. It's definitely a classic bag that can you can never go wrong with.
  7. I say keep the sweet punk, that bag is so distinctive.
  8. I do not know about the hobo but you can have lots of $$$ for the Stam right now... But I would keep it because its too gorgeous...
  9. STAM!:smile:
  10. keep the stam (and sell me the sweet punk!) ;)
  11. I would keep the Sweet Punk Hobo!
  12. Sweet Punk...such cool styling!
  13. Thanks for your input ladies~! 8 votes for Stam and 4 votes for Sweet Punk... uh oh~ :shrugs::sweatdrop:
  14. sweet punk for sure! everyone has a stam
  15. That is a very difficult choice. I love both bags. It depends on which bag you will get the most use out of. The stam will be around for more seasons, so you can always purchase another. Sweet Punk is much more difficult to find. If you are truly in love with the Sweet Punk, then keep that one and then buy another black Stam later.

    With all that being said, I have been getting a lot of use out of my black Stam since I purchased it. I am really glad I bought this bag. I am older, though and it fits in with my lifestyle (work and casual). I would like a Sweet Punk, but it would be for weekends only.

    Good luck. They are both beauties!