Dilemma!which one should i get?

  1. I have a wee problem..i dont know whether i should get the rouge paddington 06 or the balenciaga messenger bag in anthracite?? There is a reputable seller on eBay selling these bags reasonable prices. i already got a paddington in brun colour so do you think its necessary to have another same bag but different colour? also has anyone got it or seen the rouge colour and what do you think of it? does it go with a lot of things? is it a classic colour? is it a bright red?

  2. There an an 05 grent baby on eBay right now which is GORGEOUS. It is completely necessary to have more than 1 paddington (perhaps you have come to the wrong place to ask that question lol)!
  3. Yeh i kinda thought it was lol but i think more mulling towards the paddington as the style of it is much more nicer than the balenciaga...the balenciaga messenger is more practical..just not sure about the rouge colour! but it looks gorgeus with the gold but don't know if its my colour! argh!! ooh that sounds gorgeus..is it the us listing? i will have a look
  4. I completely and utterly agree!!!:nuts:
    I'd love a rouge or grenat paddy, chocolat hobo, bleu nuit, black...the list is endless.:graucho:

    Of course, being a Chloe fan, i would have to say get the Chloe, but it all depends on your personal needs.:yes:
  5. sooo hard to choose! I love paddies and balenciaga. For me the two bags you are deciding are completely different. If you love the style than having two different colors would be fine. If you can swing it - I vote get BOTH!
  6. i would love to get both but its got to be just one...i think my bank balance is having a heart attack for jus one! but its the chloe rouge thats won me over...im going to get that one! i have been researching on the web and this forum on this colour and you know..your not going to get a better red than any other bags! the gold in contrast with the red is sooo yummy...once the leather get softened...ahhh :nuts:..god i went into a daze there! i just love chloe leathers...soo smooshy! your right you can't just have one!
  7. yes, chloe leather is TDF!!! Here is my baby
    IMG_0456.jpg IMG_0460.jpg IMG_0462.jpg
  8. That's a gorgeous bag, brunettetiger!!
  9. Definitely, get the REd paddington! It was my first paddington and my first red bag. I love:heart::heart: it soooo much, and it goes with so many outfits.
    You'll love it.
  10. :pattaching a pic of my rouge paddy in case it helps...
    BAGS 116.jpg
  11. red paddy is gorgeous!!!
  12. I think both bags are beautiful.

    The rouge paddy is just stunning and has a lot more flair than the balenciaga messenger bag. But the bbag is gorgeous too, you really can't go wrong!

    I don't know if I would want two bags in the same style...2 paddys, but if you love the style and don't mind it, then go for it!!! I would rather have different style bags, but that's just me.

    Good luck! I know my message was confusing, but I love the rouge!
  13. I have seen and like both these listings.

    8 times out of 10 I would say Balenciaga (don't all shout at me) but in this case I much prefer the red Chloe.
  14. If the Anthracite were in any other style.. I would say "get it," but I'm not a huge fan of the flat messenger bag. I've attached a pic of my Anthracite Part Time B-Bag

    w/ flash and w/out flash
  15. I totally agree with Starsnhevn! Great bag, nice color!