Dilemma: Which Color?

  1. Alright ladies, help me decide. I want to get a large Signature Stripe Tote but I’m torn between two colors, white and chocolate. It’s spring right now and white would go with a lot of things (especially the new scarves that are out), but I also want this bag for fall. Would brown be the way to go or can white carry over into fall/winter? Please help! (As if I need to be buying another bag :shrugs:)
  2. I love khaki and white but i found that mine was too hard to match so i returned it and got my leather mist hobo instead. I would say go for the khaki and brown, it will be easier to match and it won't get as dirty on the white parts and you can carry it all year round.
  3. ^^Agreed.
  4. Ditto
  5. Yep, go for the brown imho. But I'm not usually a fan of white anyway.
  6. Since Im a big fan of white and live in CA. where its a year around color, I say go white!
  7. I'd go for the brown. Both are pretty, but I think the brown would be easier to carry over into the fall and winter.
  8. I think the white is so pretty! The brown though is a bit more practical. But I'm not a girl that goes by rules anyway (see I started this sentence with but, LOL)

    I say go with your heart!
  9. I would go with brown.
  10. Me too.
  11. I would go with white. It's so clean and fresh. I have quite a few white purses and have found they go with everything, even in the Fall. It is a very "in" color as well.
  12. That is SO TOUGH!! I like the look of the WHITE better, but the brown does seem more practical. But...speaking of breaking the rules....if I can carry the white & pink suede and leather Chevron, YOU can carry the White sig stripe tote!!! So, go ahead...break the rules and go with the WHITE if that's the one you like best!!! You can totally carry it in the fall, too! It would be refreshing to see the white in the fall and winter when there's a bunch of DARK colors around :smile:
  13. I saw both today at Macy's and I vote white!
  14. I have the brown signature stripe shoulder tote and just love it. Tomorrow I'm purchasing the tote in khaki/white at Macys F&F and plan to scotchguard the bag especially the white stripe. I love them both!
    If you can carry the bag year round depends on where you live, if you live where it snows its gonna get dirty.
  15. What does the scotchguard do?