dilemma-which bag?

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  1. i had decided to wait and buy a reissue in the new year, but then i saw a vintage 2.55 on eBay for a good price and authentic. the thing is i prefer the madamoiselle clasp on the reissue, this 2.55 has the CC clasp...

    also it has the chain straps of the reissue but i thought the vintage 2.55s had the madamoiselle clasps but this has the CC clasp!

    i am totally stuck!

    also the eBay one is size small and i was going to go for medium reissue.

    am i just settling for the eBay one, because it is vintage which has a romantic feel to me?

    any comments appreciated

    thank you all very much
  2. sounds like you're settling, wait for what you REALLY want.
  3. thank you, think you might be right
  4. it does sound like you're settling, wait for the size and clasp you really want, even if this one is a good price. what you want will pop up eventually and you'll be so happy you waited for it!
  5. thanks apple. it is just i love vintage finds, but the clasp is importent to me so i will wait