Dilemma -what would you do?

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  1. My SA rang me today and offered me the limited edition Birkin for next Summer, the Birkin Club (the one with Mykonas blue lizard stripes) he was so excited about it as they have only ordered one in each colour.

    But I'm unsure, I don't want to sound spoilt and i realise how very fortunate l am to own five Birkins and various other Hermes bags but I'm not sure I need another Birkin.

    I feel really bad as my SA was so excited when he rang. He told me to think about it for a couple of days and let him know.

    What would you do?
  2. If you don't need it, you don't need it.

    It sounds like it's not something that makes your heart sing, if it was, you would have found a "need" for it, lol!!

    I would say no graciously, thanking your SA for thinking of you and saying you would still be open to being offered other bags in the future :smile:;)
  3. it depends on how much you love it and also how often will you use it, if it is a bag that you know it is definitely "your style/bag", then i would say go for it, coz you will not get many chances for offering such a great bag while others have to wait for years!!
  4. I did love it when I saw the pictures on here of it and it did make my heart sing when I saw those pictures but now I struggling to justify whether I need another Birkin.

    He's such a sweetie & I know he won't be offended even if I do feel bad, but I really am at a loss what to do.
  5. You could sell one of the 5 that you are less enamored with (or use less) for this new one....but I can def. see your predicament....that's tough....at three Birkins, I could only justify an additional one if it was an exotic skin....good luck....
  6. If it makes your sing then I would get it and I agree with spit _fire69 sell one of the 5 you do not use much
  7. If you can keep the bag keep it if not then maybe you can tell your sales person that maybe it's not what you need or want and that the look is not exactly for you but I will tell you something I personally think this bag looks like a 1968shelby ford mustang but it is a special distinction you know anyway hope it helps darling and if anything why not ask your sa for a different bag ?
  8. Can you ask him to put your name down next to one of them but let him know you'll need to see it in person before you finally decide? My store often has more than one person's name next to ordered items because they know by the time delivery takes place, people's wants or situations may have changed.

    That way, you can contemplate your present collection and perhaps sell one in anticipation.

    I know what you mean when you say do I need another birkin -- I am trying to keep my "collection" more spare, keeping it to bags I actually use.
  9. ^I absolutely agree with lulilu. My belief is that part of you, you're interested and 'eager' to see how the LE Birkin turns out IRL. I'd say wait for the item and after seeing IRL, maybe you can then justify if you need another birkin and if this Mykonas Blue Lizard Stripes, sings to you.

    You will miss this chance if you let it go.
  10. My mantra is 'buy first think later' but in this case there's really no harm (to your wallet, YET) by putting your name down so you get first dibs on it...
  11. I agree with lulilu and steakfrite. Put your name down for it and explain to your SA that although you love the bag, you need to see it before you make a final decision. Pictures of a bag can be deceptive - you may love something in a pictures but dislike in person or dislike something in a picture and it can make your heart sing when you see it in real life. I would call your SA back and put your name down for it, but somehow phrase it in a way that says you can't definitely take it until you see it.
  12. Even if you rejected after seeing her, I'm sure your SA would be able to understand given your established relationship with him.

    However, I would like to caution for the newbies that putting names down and rejecting them often is not a solution as SAs may eventually decide not to search hard enough in the future though they may still put your name down. If there is another customer who has a reputation of accepting most of the items she ordered and happens to be in the same combo as you, the item may eventually be shown to her first.

    Think carefully if the item is meant for you before sounding out your interest to the SA.
  13. I would pass on the bag, especially since you think you already have enough Bs and said that you have problems justifying another addition. It's their job to be nice and sweet. I'm sure your SA would appreciate you being completely upfront now vs later.
  14. i would agree with everyone and put your name down first.

    you sound undecided as in you like it but couldn't really justify the expense of a new bag. however, this is a very special bag and as one tpfer suggested, you can always trade one of the 5 bags you have for this new bag!

    a good SA would never force you to buy anything if you show any hesitation, after all, it is a lot of money. i am sure your SA would understand if you decide to pass this bag
  15. if you feel you don't need another birkin, then don't.

    i had 5 birkins at one point and i culled it down to 2. if you feel another is just senseless, then don't. i'm not saying it is senseless to own more than 2, everyone's saturation point differs :smile: