Dilemma...What should I do?

Which one do you like more?

  • Chocolate Guccissima Pelham

  • Black Patent Hysteria

  • None of the above

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Jan 13, 2008
San Diego
Hello ladies,
Now is the time that I will need your help :shrugs:. I'm loving the Chocolate Guccissima Pelham and the Black Patent Hysteria equally but the problem is...I can only get one :crybaby:. I've already bought a Balenciaga City last week :yahoo:and the Marc Jacobs Stam is coming up on my list :P, thus the bf said "only one Gucci this year" :lecture:. It will be my first Gucci and an anniversary present as well so I need to make a decision by next week. I understand that the two handbags are so different but if you have to choose one, which one would you pick and why :confused1:? For those of you who own this bag, what are the pros and cons that you have encountered. Please chip in your valuable votes and comments. Thank you so much ladies in advance.

For more info I'm 19 and 5'2", light skin, dark brown hair.
What I already have in my collection:
1. Coach Holiday Patchwork
2. Burberry Check Tote
3. Chloe White Paddington
4. LV Multicolore White Leonor
5. LV Monogram Rivets
6. Chanel White/Black Cambon
7. Chanel Jumbo White Caviar
8. Balenciaga Bouton D'or City

Here are the prices and pictures of both handbags side-by-side for easy comparison.

Small Pelham $1,995 Medium Hysteria $1,790
(pictures taken from gucci.com and neimanmarcus.com


Jul 4, 2007
I don´t like pelham in the small size and not in the coulor- brown :Push:

I don´t have seen Hysteria IRL, but I find shoulder bags better:graucho:


Dec 7, 2007
from the info that you have given on your collection,it looks like you would be happier with the hysteria. you seem to want to make a statement. the pelham is more subdued and is more every day type of bag. i would choose the hysteria


Feb 13, 2008
Los Angeles, CA
I don't own nor have I seen in person either model, but I like the Pelham becasue you can put on your shoulder and if this is going to be a purse you run errands with then something that you can carry on your shoulder is always great. I used my LV Speedy and had to get the strap because it made it became burdensome to carry it on the hook of my arm.

Just a thought. Please post pics when you get your new purse. Please, please, please!!


Jan 13, 2008
San Diego
Sorry ladies, I probably should have made this clearer. The color on the picture is not the same as the color IRL, it is waaaay off. The true color of the Pelham that I want to get is the same color of Jessica Alba's Horsebit Chain Hobo. Picture posted below to demonstrate my point :P. But now after seeing how GORGEOUS this bag looks on her, I'm thinking of whether I should include the Horsebit Chain Hobo into the race between the Pelham and the Hysteria...:nuts:...I think I'm going nuts lol. Too many goodies to choose from but it is going to be my first Gucci thus I don't want to regret about my decision.