Dilemma...Two Bags...So Different...Which One?

  1. Okay...I can only purchase one bag this week (how sick is this...I seem to have very little self control this season)...

    Diamond Shine tote in Red
    Cloudy Bowler N/S tote in Black

    Both are "waiting" for me...SOS!
  2. Where are the RED and the cloudy tote??? I have been WAITING forever for BOTH!!!

    I love the diamond shine in Red, but have yet to see the cloudy tote!!
  3. Diamond Shine Tote in RED!!!!
    I thought you recently got Coco Cabas and Cloudy bag in black, right? I'll buy other than black if I were you......
  4. OMG, the CB N/S tote is in stock somewhere? Don't get me started!!

    SoCal, you can get both, it's okay, we'll totally enable you, LOL! :biggrin:
  5. I personally think the diamond shine is more unique, so I would go with that... the cloudy bundle collection hasn't been flying off of the shelves!!
  6. So my "dilemma" continues...

    I have the CB bowler from Chanel...I have not used the bag, but I did snip off the tag (and I never do this before actually using)...I might be able to exchange...but I might just need to bite it and use this one...I do like it.

    So...have the CB N/S tote on hold through tomorrow...it is my "style", but I do have the MM tote, large Diamond Stich tote, and COCO in black...so maybe I should keep the CB bowler as the style is more distinct (not a tote)...hold on the CB tote...and purchase the Diamond Shine tote???

    Well, actually the red Diamond Shine tote is on its way to me and I have not seen it IRL, tried it, or even seen a real life pic...I don't usally do that either, but your voices regarding my soon not-to-be-anymore LV were running through my head... Return the LV and get another colored bag you all said...

  7. I just snagged a red tote as well!! We will be twins.. THANKS!!! I am very excited to see the red!!
  8. Oh! Did you find Carol? Will be so interesting to actually see the bag!
  9. Hmmm...some sweet relief...cancelled the CB N/S tote hold (the drawstring closure is a bit odd to me...and I needed to find something to assist with elimination)...now waiting for the red Diamond Shine tote to arrive next week... :yes:

    Thanks again for feedback! LOL...I am not sure I would have more or fewer bags without you all! :shame:
  10. I CANNOT wait to see pics of this bag!!
  11. Drawstring closure? That sounds kinda tacky for a Chanel. Could my budget be saved if the east/west tote has the same closure? Stay tuned...

    I hope you love the red ombre. It is very different and will make your collection "pop".
  12. Can't wait to see pics of the Diamond Shine. That red/bordeaux will add the color you want in your already beautiful collection.
  13. Yes, the drawstring was hmmm...
  14. How does the Diamond Shine line looks?? I am curious. I know the "Diamond", but what's "Diamond Shine" What kind of leather.....can I see pics??

    SoCal, was the SCP boutique holding the cloudy tote for you? Coz I am on their waitlist too. I know the cloudy tote has drawstring. The drawstring is the part that has the CC dangling there right? But so they don't have like a zipper or something besides the drawstring? Meaning if I don't close it with the drawstring then the bag will be wide-opened?? I don't want to close the bag with the drawstring since I think the shape wouldn't look as nice....
  15. Ooh, Diamond Shine all the way!! Those bags are so gorgeous. I've seen the red in person and it is absolutely stunning. I got to the boutique right before they were closing so I did not get to try it on.