dilemma! to keep or not to keep..

  1. hi fellow tpfers..

    so i FINALLY got my first chanel bag from my oh so wonderful bf. it's the black baby cabas which i absolutely adore and took me awhile to get ahold of. the problem is..for my age it's kind of an expensive gift and i'm afraid my friends and family will give me heat for accepting it. i'm 20, turning 21 in nov (wanted to get the bag before price increase for my bday)..so what do u guys think? should i just keep it or trade it in for a less pricey alternative (fendi medium bag de jour~$1000)? ahhh what to doo. well, i know you guys are like the only ones who can help and understand. haha TIA!

    edit..i just noticed my thread title is similar to ch3rrybl0ss0ms. sorry!
  2. If it's a gift from your BF's heart, then why the problem? Is he having a problem with it? R u? If both of you are fine, then why not just smile and say, "it's great having a man who loves to spoil me."? I'm sure you're worth spoiling!

  3. mmmm, i say keep it! you said that you have been wanting it for so long. also, the baby cabas is such a classy and understated bag, i doubt u will get that much attention about it.

    i'm 23 and i have several Chanel bags. i got my first one when i was 21 and i rarely get any s**t for it. people usually ask really rude questions like, "how much was your bag?" and i always deflect it by saying, "it was a gift." (well, kinda.... a gift from me to... ME!)

    if you really love the baby cabas, you should wear it PROUD! if you do encounter any heat, just smile and ignore it! nothing can feel as good as carrying a bag you LOOOVE!!!!! :love:
  4. definitly keep it!
  5. i'll keep the chanel.
  6. Keep it! It is a gift! There is nothing wrong with it.:okay: It is not as if you conned itout of you bf. If the giver has no problem buying you the bag as a present, who is to say anything? :supacool:
  7. I think it's an amazing gift from a very generous bf. I say accept and enjoy!
  8. I definitely will keep the chanel cabas esp it's the gift from your sweetheart~
  9. Keep the gift, which (I presume) was given in love to you. IMO it is NYB to those who ask questions about your baby cabas.
  10. you have such a great bf who would support what you like and get it for you even though it's expensive, this just shows how much he really cares. so i definitely say keep it! who gives a **** about what other people think?
  11. Keep it!!
  12. I just totally agree with everything the other girls have said. And why settle for something less special to you, just because of the price. It is no one's concern but your own (and your sweet BF).
  13. Agree with all of the above and want to add, you wouldn't want to hurt his feelings., would you? ;)
  14. I would definitely keep it and enjoy! What a sweet bf.
  15. Keep the bag if you love it, who cares what other people think anyway, any negative comments will only be out of spite and not worth returning your Chanel for. Enjoy, the baby cabas is a lovely bag!