Dilemma- To Dentelle Fersen or not


Fersen or Kirsten

  1. Dentelle Fersen in Gold

  2. Dentelle Fersen in Silver

  3. Dentelle Kirsten in Gold

  4. Dentelle Kirsten in Silver

  5. Wait for the Patchwork Speedy

  6. Wait for the East/West bag

  7. None! Get something else.

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  1. I'm really liking the Dentelle Fersen.
    What do you think of this bag?

    Should I get the Fersen or the Kirsten? Gold or SIlver? I am so confused.

    I haven't seen any opinion on the Fersen, but I see that the Kirsten is really popular.
  2. I think you should get the Gold Fersen. That's one of my fave bags.
  3. Get the Gold Fersen. I haven't seen it IRL yet but the pics from eBay looks really lovely.
  4. I think you should get which ever one you can get your hands on first! These bags are so difficult to obtain. It seems like only eBay sellers have been able to get them here in the US! My store is still waiting for a Kirsten to come in, and I keep seeing new ones pop up on eBay everyday... and yes, I'm bitter. :p
  5. I like the fursten overall I think the dentelle looks better in silver
  6. I personally like the Fersen better than the kirsten cause it looks like it would hold lots more and be more practical. I say go for it!
  7. Dantelle Fersen in gold :yes: :yes: :yes:
  8. It all depends on which color and bag style you like. The Fersen is a very large bag and the Kirsten is a very small bag. For me, the Fersen was was too big and I liked the Kirsten in Gold but the Speedy in silver when I saw them at the trunk show. I waitlisted for the Kirsten gold but have already been told by my SA that it will be very hard to get......(Bitter-party of one!!!)
  9. Haven't seen it IRL but Love the look of the fersen in gold.
    I would buy one if I could get one.:sad:
  10. Sorry, I just think LV can do bette...
  11. I would get the Fersen and the street pm (east west) ..I am waiting for the street pm to arrive too:yes:
  12. I'd wait for the Patchwork or get somehting else
  13. I voted to "get something else".
  14. definitely get something else!!
  15. Dentelle Kirsten in gold or the grey Patchwork Speedy.