Dilemma-There was mistake in the other thread. Pls. ignore the other one.

  1. What a dilemma I have now! I just came back from LV and tried black and white MC petite noe. And who knew I was going to like the black better. I've never really liked the black until recently. I also tried the white MC Sologne on and I love it. I wanted to try the black MC Sologne but they didn't have it in stock. Then I decided to try the red Epi Petit Noe and I love it too!!!

    I like all 3 of them and can't decide what to get first. So my question to you is which one should I get 1st, 2nd, and 3rd?
    Here are the options:

    • Black MC Petite Noe
    • Red Epi Petit Noe
    • White MC Sologne NOT Petite Noe
    Which do you think looks "younger"? "oldest"?

    Help! I am just sooo :confused1: !
  2. I would go for the Epi Petit Noe in red
  3. I would go with the black noe,just because you see it less often,i prefer the white one,but if black is your color,go for it.It looks great on both young and older women.But my second choice would be the sologne.
  4. 1- Black MC Noe
    2- Red Noe
    3- Sologne