Dilemma-There was mistake in the other thread. Pls. ignore the other one.

  1. What a dilemma I have now! I just came back from LV and tried black and white MC petite noe. And who knew I was going to like the black better. I've never really liked the black until recently. I also tried the white MC Sologne on and I love it. I wanted to try the black MC Sologne but they didn't have it in stock. Then I decided to try the red Epi Petit Noe and I love it too!!!

    I like all 3 of them and can't decide what to get first. So my question to you is which one should I get 1st, 2nd, and 3rd?
    Here are the options:

    • Black MC Petie Noe
    • Red Epi Petit Noe
    • White MC Sologne NOT Petite Noe
    Which do you think looks "younger"? "oldest"?

    Help! I am just sooo :confused1: !
  2. red epi = oldest
    black noe=younger
    white mc sologne= youngest

    out of the three i would go for the black noe
  3. I agree:yes:
  4. before I read any replies, I thought about it and came up with the exact same ratings!
  5. I agree the red looks the oldest and the white the youngest. But if you are undecided, probably wait a little while longer before buying.
  6. I thought about waiting but I can only wait until Oct. 31 because starting Nov. 1, the taxes here will go from 1% to 7%:cursing: . I still need as much opinions as I can get.:yes:
  7. Get the black MC noe!