Dilemma - swapping a TDF Balenciaga bag for a Fendi Spy

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  1. I have always loved the Fendi Spy. I caved in oneday and bought a Cognac Spy Hobo, but I sold it soon after, as it was far too light and kept slipping off my shoulder.

    I should have bought the large Spy bag, but couldn't justify the spend at the time:sweatdrop:

    So I am now at a cross road. I have a mint condition Balenciaga 2005 black City. If the Bal crowd knew I was considering selling my 05 black City for a Spy they would kill me!

    As some of you may know, the 05 Bal leather is highly sought after. I love the weight, the quality, the style, basically everything about the City but I really want to try the Fendi Spy.

    Will I be disappointed in the weight of the Fendi Spy? Should I just keep my 05 black City and be content:confused1:

  2. i would kill you indeed, KDC! :smash: i've been secretly lemming for a baby spy and just couldn't make the decision to get one as i was also holding out for a bal coral first or city. the size of the baby spy and the first is about the same. i would never consider letting go of any of my bbags.. not right now, and i don't even have a basic black city :sad: if i could only have an 05 black city, i'd just be contented and gladly retire into oblivion, i swear.

    now back to subject proper: is the weight the only issue you have with the spy? how about everything else that's good that would make you give up an 05 bbag? is the leather far more superior than bal's?
  3. i'm a bal AND fendi lover, but i'd rather save up and buy a spy! Rather than letting the city go!
  4. i don't own either but i'm pretty sure its safe to say many a gal would just be greedy and save up for the spy. the spy is my dream bag so i'd have that first (gota have that big squishy leather... erm anyway heh...) but i say why not just save up and add to the collection gf? if you truly know the worth of your BBag... keeeep it. i would!
  5. :busted To tell you the truth, I don't know if the leather on the Spy is superior to Bal's! The leather on the Spy Hobo was just terrible. I liked the bubbled texture, but I didn't like the stiffness. The bag I am looking at is the lizard with purple handles. Is it worth it?:s
  6. Wow, that's a hard one! I think the Balenciaga is more timeless and versatile. But I am drawn to the spy myself lately, so I understand the dilemma. Isn't there a way to have them both? I wouldn't give such a classic B up so easily unless you really need a change...
  7. I have both a black city and a spy - that is a tough decision. I know the 05 leathers are supposed to be the best but aren't black citys always around? Then again, I wouldn't sell my city as I think of it as a staple in my collection. So, I guess I would say save up for the spy, keep checking ebay for authentic spys. There are always tPF members selling bags so you know you'll get the real thing.
  8. I would keep the city and save up for the Spy. You may regret letting such a beautiful bag go later, and so regret your Spy bag and view it as a mistake. I would want to enjoy both.
  9. KDC - Being a major Fendi bag collector and a Zero Bal lady....I can say this:

    The lizard Acacia spy -- the leather has a coating, it is not the sort of bag that you will find has super sensual leather -- it is really cool looking, feels good and is fun, but not an every day bag unless you have an artsy eclectic wardrobe and style. So, I think you would miss the bal.....

    On the leather -- like the Bals the Nappa Spy leather varies a bit by year and condition as well. It is very light leather and if you buy a preowned one, you want to make sure it has been cared for properly. Also - as the surface coat on the Nappa begins to break down (not trashed, just softly used), like other Nappa bags, it gets super soft and feels wonderful :tup:. But on the Acacia Spy, being it is coated - this will not happen. ;)

    I think you should consider these things, maybe keep the bal bag & use the Acacia for an alternate, or consider getting a nappa spy in good condition. :smartass:
  10. I love my Spies, but I wouldn't be able to justify giving up an '05 Bal City for one... Unless it's a LE Spy. Plus, the two bags are so radically different in style, it's hard to pick one over the other if you love them both. The Spy holds more, but the City is more practical, IMO.

    Good luck with your decision!
  11. It's hard, making one sacrifice to hopefully get what you really want. I think you should make sure you really really want that Spy before selling your City. I personally love my Spy, but you said you weren't impressed by the leather of your Hobo Spy, so maybe you should stick with the City.
  12. This is a tough one. If it was the right spy, I would definitely trade the 2005 for it. But the spy needs to be a special one. BTW, I posted about that acacia spy on the authenticate this thread. If you're considering that particular bag, I wouldn't do it. But if it was an ABSOLUTE mint one, I probably would. Here's the reasoning.

    1. Acacia spies are rarer than any 2005 Balenciaga.
    2. They are unique in color, structure, and leather from other spies. So it's a bit more special than most other Balenciagas.

    Balenciagas that I would never trade for a spy unless it was a couture spy.
    1. Any 2004 leather.
    2. Black City/First with pewter hardware
    3. 2005 Turquoise, Apple Green, Magenta, Bubblegum, Rose

    I think the most important thing you need to ask is about the wearability. What is your style like? If it's more suited to Balenciaga, then I wouldn't trade it unless I absolutely felt the LOVE. If you love the shoulder aspect of the Bal, the Spy isn't as smooth as a shoulder bag. There's also something to be said about the squishy 2005 Balenciaga leather... It's almost magical and the bag is incredibly wearable with just about everything.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!!
  13. This IS a tough decision! Normally I would probably say trade the city for the Spy! But in this case youre considering trading a 05 black City with an Acacia Spy. While both are not easily aquired, I think its important to factor in how much use you'd get from each. Surely the black city is a major staple...it's basic and classic and matches with everything. The Acacia is definitely not your everyday bag and will probably get used much less.
  14. I would keep the Bbag!! I love both bags....but I do think you would have regrets about leting the perfect Bbag go! Maybe save for the Spy???
  15. Ok - it's nice to have a little bit of everything. I am guilty of owning way to many of one particular brand. If faced with your dilemma - don't know what I would do honestly.

    I would worry that once the high of the new purchase wears off - there would be regret with selling what was a much loved and perfect other bag.

    However, is there something else you could sell to fund the spy? Have a garage sale, other bags, ebay your unused wardrobe items etc. If you have more than one bal bag - could you sacrifice a different one?

    Spy is lovely, I would concentrate on making a nice collection for yourself rather than sacrificing what you've already got. Sounds like you are off to a good start...