Dilemma -- Sunglasses or Swingpack??

  1. Okay, first off I know my sig says I'm banned, but as we all know accessories don't count, haha.

    I need help deciding if I want to get a heritage stripe swingpack or some new style of sunglasses (I heard that Coach is bringing out new styles in a little bit, maybe with the new floorset??) -- I haven't got any swingpacks and I *love* the heritage stripe stuff (plus it'd be great for Disney trips because of the treated material), BUT then again it'd be nice to have sunglasses in a neutral color (currently mine are pink).

    Whatever I do I'm going to wait to get it in stores (don't want to pay shipping from JAX, although if I can't find the stuff at my store I'm not averse to it), but... help! What would you do?? :smile:
  2. swingpack for the Disney trips.. the heritage stripe swingpack is so cute!!!
  3. Wow.. that's tough. Both! Heehee.. I'm really for the sunglasses except for Disney..
  4. I would get the swingpack! If your store does not have any in stock they will ship it for free (just to let you know)!
  5. I have so many sunglasses and most don't get used. I would say go for the swingpack!
  6. Swingpack ! I think the heritage pink one is the cutest
  7. I vote for Swingpack since the Heritage Pink may not be around much longer and Coach will always come out with more Sunglasses. :smile:
  8. Swingpack. Go to the store and they will order for you with no shipping!
  9. Hard choice!!!! I think I'd go for the swingpack as well. Do you have any TJ Maxx around your area? Because I just bought some Coach sunnies. That way you can get both since you'd be saving money from the sunglasses. Hehehehehe
  10. If you have a Nordstrom Rack, I also got sunglasses there not long ago and they came with the case!! Then maybe you could get both. :smile: