Dilemma: Someone asks for help in getting a Birkin.

  1. Dear tPFers,

    I recently had a meal with someone. A person I do not know particularly well. And that person expressed interest in Hermes. And seemed more than just a bit interested in getting a Birkin....rather! And it has become a bit apparent that the H store is not very interested

    And she's never been nice to me before. In fact, a tad aloof. But now, she's super-nice. I really do not know what to do. It does not help that two mutual friends we share, have mentioned to her that their Birkins were procured with a bit of my help from me end.

    To be brutally honest, I think she is nice simply because she wants my help. She also happens to hang around a group of other women who, ahem, don't particularly care for my company. I am thinking of one of these responses:

    1. My quota for the next two years is full.

    2. Help her with the Birkin and show her that I can be nice after all(against most opinion)

    3. Give her the telephone number of the H store!

    What I would really appreciate is your opinions, or more importantly, what you would do if you happen to find yourself in this predicament. I am sure many of you have experienced this.

  2. Eric, If this woman is the "difficult" type do you want to present her to your store as a friend? If this person is not kind to you; she will not be an enhancement to your life. You can, and absolutely must choose your friends.

    Out of the choices that you posted, I would be tempted to say that my quota was filled.

    I would call my store and let them know that I am not really close to this person;should they use me as a reference.
  3. I haven't been in your position regarding anything H, but in general life I'd probably choose option (1) from what you've said in your post.

    If she were a very good friend then (and only then) it would be (2) but you say she is just being friends with you to get something out of your friendship. (3) - well, tempting in the circumstances :p, but would be rude.
  4. Why would you even bother to help her? I don't think you showing that "you can be nice" will even register with her; she sounds like a self-centered narcissist. It's like the story of the scorpion and the frog. I vote for answer number 1.
  5. Totally option 1.
    No need to involve yourself in the advancement of someone who you suspect is using you. It'd be different if she were a friend then by all means help but no, I wouldn't.
  6. Definitely Option 1! I'm rather upset that she is only being nice to you because she wants something--that is terrible!
  7. the longer you don't get it for her, the longer she'll be nice to you..:devil:
  8. I'm going to vote for option #1 as well... when it comes to H bags, it's every man and woman for themselves... (insert evil laugh here)...
  9. number 1!

    By helping her get a Birkin, you're letting her walk all over you. She won't think you're nice, she'll think you're too dense to notice she was using you. That sounds really *****y, but I swear it's not :smile:
  10. I would not go out of my way. I used to be of the mind that the high road is the best road blah blah blah, and ended up helping people that were incredibly ungrateful and left me feeling like an idiot. Now I am smarter and choosier with what I involve myself in.

    She is being blatantly transparent in her motives and I would just carry my H around her proudly and shrug off any attitude she may give you.

    Give her the store number and wish her well, or suggest she visit Paris to get a bag quicker.
  11. Eric...Your quota is full and your dance card is filled as well. You have enough friends in life w/o having to entertain the ones who really "aren't".
  12. She sounds awful. I would choose 1, but 3 is tempting.
  13. Eric,
    life is simply too short to hang around people who aren't even nice to you.
    Option 1
    and tell her not to call you again!
    Option 2: Absolutely not, there are lots of other people you can be nice to, pick your friends carefully! My grandpa used to say, 'Show me your friends and I'll show you YOU!"
    Option 3: does not sound appealing because if she turns out to be jerk and uses your name against you in the H store, the store might alienate you.
  14. Help her to get the no. of resellers. That way you can appear nice too. Don't bring her to the H store, you never know what these sort of people will do to your cred.
  15. We dont like her because she was not nice to our sweet Eric. :tdown:
    No birkin for her!:blah:

    Option 1.

    You can direct her to a reseller for the high road part. :beach:
    Direct her to one of the really expensive ones.