Dilemma: should I return Blue Layette City?

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  1. I just bought a new City, Blue Layette, 2 days ago and it's my first Bbag. After been reading more about care and maintenance, I learn that light blue color, like sky blue, seems to fade and turn yellow easily. Fading is not such a problem for me because I think it's natural when you use it for a while. But turning yellow? :shrugs: I really like this color but I don't know how would I response when it turn yellow. What should I do? Should I exchange to other colors that not in blue family? Or should I just keep it and test it out if this so gorgeous color will turn yellow? Thanks.
  2. So far, I've only read about this happening to the sky blues, but I'm not so sure about the other colours.

    If you really really love it, keep it!

  3. Yes I've heard about sky blue and this color is almost as light as sky blue, that's why I'm worried about it. Thanks for the response :smile:
  4. i say YES. return it for something you can enjoy freely.
    light color not only have yellowing problem, but it can also FADE;
  5. I would return it if I was you. Sorry...
  6. It definitely looks like a light enough blue that it will yellow with time. It's your first Balenciaga and so it's likely to get a lot of use, you should be able to use it *all* the time without the fear of fading and yellowing in the back of your mind. I would exchange it, even though it's just gorgeous!!

    I wish you well,

  8. I would return it too....you shouldn't spend this much money on a bag and then stress over it fading.
  9. Very pretty color, but I wouldn't take a chance on it...
  10. ITA! :tup:
  11. If you REALLY want to keep it, you can do things to try to keep it from fading/yellowing. Never leave it in direct sunlight, either in your car or home. Moisturize it with a trusted moisturizer and apply a protectant to it. These need to be reapplied every once in a while (4-8 times a year depending where you live).

    If you think you'll worry too much about it, you should probably choose another color, IMO.
  12. I agree with the ladies. I am worried about fading.
  13. ITA! if you want to keep it, apply feel soft moisturizer from LMB and use the pro-treatment from LMB as well, that would protect your bag from fading and yellowing. Good luck and if you love it, keep it! besides, blue layette is such a gorgeous color :heart:
  14. ^^ITA :yes: I'm sorry.
  15. I would say if you are questioning it, I would return it and get another color. I would say if you really like the color see if you can get it in a coin purse or a wallet so that way you still have the color but in something other than a bag.

    Just a suggestion though.