Dilemma... Should I Keep the Keepall 25 Monogram Eclipse, or return it?


Jason W
Aug 27, 2011
Hello everyone!

I haven't posted a thread in AGES, but I thought I reach out and ask for your opinions...

The other day, I impulsively decided to pre-order the new Keepall 25 Bandouliere in Monogram Eclipse, and I am having intense doubts as to whether or not I should keep it.

A little bit of backstory, my current LV collection is very curated in the sense all my canvas bags are in Monogram, and that I have one leather piece from each of the 'main' leather lines (Taiga, Epi and Nomade). In terms of pieces that I want (not need) that are remaining on my wishlist include a nano Speedy (OG model), a Petite Malle and a Petite Boîte Chapeau - all either in Monogram or Reverse Monogram. I previously sold a Damier Graphite piece (I think it was the Alpha trio pouch) because I wasn't using it, and I am afraid if I purchase the Keepall 25 in Monogram Eclipse (same colour way as Damier Graphite) it would be history repeating itself.

I think I already know not only deep down, but on the surface level is when I receive the bag in store, I will not be taking it home with me, but there is this inkling of doubt that is telling me to accept it. I think another one of my hesitations is the price of the bag. I don't really get shocked at prices of bags anymore, but when my CA told me the price of it, I was shocked.... AUD3150 for a canvas bag of that size (and with a cheapo fabric strap that one could get off Etsy)?! I haven't purchased LV in years and I was truly shocked at how pricey LV has become (for what it's worth) - and in my head I was thinking of other bags in a similar price point that is full leather - for example the Loewe Mini Puzzle is currently going for AUD3100 or the new Balenciaga Crush bag is going for the exact price of the Keepall 25 and it is also in full leather. I honestly think if the bag was in traditional Monogram Canvas with vachetta leather, I would accept it no questions asked as a substitute for the Nano Speedy, but since it is in Monogram Eclipse, and the way they arranged the canvas with the Reverse Eclipse on the sides, it's just really throwing me off.

What are you thoughts? Should I reject it when it comes in stores, or take it home with me?



IG : balengirl
Aug 24, 2010
I have eclipse keepall xs and I love it. I like to have black and grey combination in my collection. I know LV canvas is crazy expensive now, but people keep on buying, so LV think it’s ok to keep their price. Anyway.. To answer your question, you need to ask your self if you really like it or no. If you have doubts, don’t buy. Good luck.
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Obsessed and in LoVe
Feb 9, 2010
I agree that when you see it you’ll know whether or not you want to keep it. I thought about adding this bag to my collection. I don’t have any bags in Eclipse and I would like one, but realistically it’s not something I need; my collection is pretty substantial as it is and I personally don’t think LV’s canvas bags are generally worth what they’re currently selling for, so I think I’m pretty much done with buying brand new LV.