Dilemma: Should i get my handles replaced?


When to replace handles?

  1. Go next week asap dont let the vachetta get too dark

  2. Wait for them to get dirtier so you get your moneys worth in repairs

  3. leave them its chacter building (for both the bag and me lol)

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  1. I took out my lv carryall for it 4th use the other day and where i was working I was using some machinery and i got my hands dirty (but i didnt really look at my hands so i didnt notice that thay were soo dirty i know stupid right!!! argh kicking myself soo hard right now) I was then asked to run an errand and i took my lv bag with its vachetta handles (which have JUST started to patina) with my dirty hands, it wasnt until i got to the train that i noticed how in fact dirty my handles got! the whole underside is black and some of the sides, it makes the clean vachetta look grubby, what should i do?! Since the vachetta is generally clean should i replace the handles now while so there isnt a huge gap in the patina (btw do you know how much it will cost roughly, particularly here in Oz) should i wait for them to get dirtier or filthy before replacing them or not bother cos it adds charcter?
  2. I would just leave it and let it develop a nice patina over time:yes: Have you tried using a plain white clean erasure on the handles (rub it very gently) .. this may remove some of the dirt.
  3. try to remove some of the dirt- i hear baby wipes also work. good luck!
  4. awww sweetie...I'm sorry that happened! Depending on how virgin the patina is you might want to be careful with baby wipes...they may darken the handles making them look way darker than the rest of the vachetta. You could try the white eraser thing....or a dry "magic eraser".
  5. if i take it to lv can they give it a clean and maybe help, im really concerned about the visible sides not really the underside? ive tried everything, the only thing that does anything is the magic eraser, but i see no change i can only tell its workign through the fact that the eraser sponge has dirt on it! and its a new white one
  6. I wouldn't replace them now, but would try to clean the dirt off. Maybe you can call the 866 center to ask what they recommend for removing the dirt?
  7. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser should help, first use it dry and then lightly wet it. Always use light pressure though...
  8. Since the dirt is "fresh"...try asap to use baby wipes and leather cleaner to get whatever surface dirt you can off...I'm sure it'll greatly improve the appearance! Then, let the patina age a little and if within like a year it's still bugging you lots, then get it replaced.

    It's a hefty price to replace vachetta!
  9. Oh the vachetta on the bag is fine, its just the ahndles that are greasy thats why im thinking of replacing them before there is a huge gap in the patina stage and when they do get replaced they look odd?!
  10. Sorry... that happened to you...good advices above..good luck..I feel for you..
  11. Any update? the magic eraser? try not to use it TOO much because IT IS abrasive, and try baby wipes, can we have pics? vachetta will be around what, I'd say prob around $350 AUD to have it replaced?
  12. I would wait for them to get dark.
  13. I'd try baby wipes.
  14. If the price isn't too crazy...I know to have a chap (right word?) is $35 US...and you have the money...then if it is REALLY bugging you, I'd replace the handles. I guess it depends how dirty they are and if it is too dark or big a spot to blend in. I understand you being concerned about waiting a long time because the patina won't match then. Maybe the MR Clean eraser will lighten it a bit? Good luck, please let us know how it works out.