dilemma... should i change jobs???

  1. hi ladies,

    just thought i'd vent and possibly get some feedback. so here it goes.

    my current job is not at all busy so i usually spend all day browsing online. now there's nothing wrong with that of course, but i do feel like i'm not using my potential, and it does get quite boring after awhile.

    i got a call from a recruiter at a reputable company yesterday. we talked and now i have an interview set for friday. i made it clear to her that i am not actively looking and thus they have to meet my salaray requirement in order to proceed and they agreed.

    now the dilemma.

    current job:

    - i've been here two years
    - cool boss and time is very flexible (since it's not so busy)
    - close to home
    - pretty dead here in terms of promotion/raise

    considering job:

    - farther from home and they may move next year which will make it farther (probably 40+ minutes commute i'm guessing)
    - slightly better pay
    - new industry so have to learn/work with new people

    i'm planning to get pregnant next year and if i do get pregnant i might want to take a few years off. i'm not familiar with the whole maternity leave policy but is there any adventage if i have seniority in the company?

    my head is spinning. i know they haven't interviewed me yet so i could be jumping the guns here but still can't help but to see which option would be better.

    sorry this became a very long post... but what would you do if you were me? should i just stay put or venture out to a new career? :confused1:
  2. hmm... there's a few things to consider here...

    I think when you make a move there's a certain transition time where you have to prove yourself and establish yourself as a good employee who's smart and very capable at their job. Usually once a company and your boss/coworkers recognize that they have a gem in their hands - making arrangements for things such as maternity leave is not that big of a problem. Besides - most companies in general have maternity leave policies.

    However - I'm not sure how you'd ask about maternity leave policies at the new job without making it known to them that you plan on getting pregnant in the near future? That would also impact your desirability as a candidate to them. I think most companies are more hesitant to hire people that have a risk/chance of leaving the company after getting "trained up" like learning the skills and then the company not being able to reap the benefits of their investment in you.

    I would say in the long-term you have to find a job/position that you love and where you feel like you're growing and that it's actually developing into a career. If you're not feeling challenged, loving the job, and becoming bored - it's only a matter of time before you'll want to leave anyways.

    But saying that - you should also weigh in the pay increase with the increase in commute time plus any increased costs for the longer commute.

    Making a move and making a career choice is always a toughie - so hope you're able to take the time to really think through all the various aspects and choose the option that best works for you!
  3. I say stay in your old job until you are done having the baby/maternity leave, then switch:smile:
  4. I am usually u for new challenges, but I would say since you are planning on trying to get pregnant stay put. It is no fun to commute that far anyway, but when your pregnant even worse. Plus the flex time will come in handy when you have appointments, etc.
  5. Ditto, and since your current job is flexible, they mayt let you work half-time or something after the baby is born.
  6. Once you have children, you will be stuck forever. Children's needs will take precedence over everything. This motherhood life will never end, but gets more hectic as your children grow. As for your career, it will go nowhere, because you will have no time for yourself, let alone re-establish yourself at a new job in a new environment. Will you regret in the future if your career does not advance further? In addition, your current job may disappear one day if you do not keep your credentials current.

    Before you decide what to do, you may want to post your resume on monsterjob.com and etc., and actively search for another job. I am not saying to hop to another job right away. At least see what is available out there, and then decide.

    As long as you are not planning to get pregnant right now, you are free to explore the job market out there. Let's say you land on a dream job that pays at least 10%-15% higher (rule of thumb requirement for changing job) plus bonus/benefits, there are no rules that prevent you from having children a year after starting your new job.

    Give yourself a chance! Explore now.
  7. I agree. I'd use this interview as an opportunity to start exploring what's out there. If they make you an offer, you can always turn it down and consider it a nice ego boost. But don't interview unless you have at least SOME interest in the position.

    I don't think there's any specific rule about seniority dictating maternity leave policies especially with FMLA and possibly unique laws if you are in CA? Don't quote me on that, but you can probably research in some way about this company's benefits if you don't want to announce it during your interview.

    Good luck! :flowers: