DILEMMA!!! Saleya azur PM Vs Balenciaga Cornflower?

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What to do?!

  1. Get the Cornflower Bbag and the Saleya azur

  2. Get a different LV! Suggestions!?

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Ok, some of you may know I have been waiting for my Saleya azur for over 1 month, 1 month 1 week tomorrow! And tbh im getting a bit peeved about it!!!

    So i have fallen in love with blue Bbags, but im thinking is there any point in having the cornflower Bbag and the azur? I think they are too similar in colour and 1 bag would always be left out!

    What shall I do? Im getting the cornflower Bbag, but shall I get the azur, or a different LV bag ~ maybe an epi?

    Thanks girls, and here is a pic of the cornflower x

  2. it would drive me mad to wait that long for a bag that was already released so id go and get the bbag.
  3. Thats a cute Bbag.. !!
  4. I agree, I hate waiting for bags that are already released this makes me crazy! I also love Bbags so I would go for it! But on the other hand I really love the Azur and perhaps it is worth the wait? I am really not helping here, sorry! This is a really tough call!
  5. Well, I am expecting my first B-Bag (Teal) tomorrow!! So, I say go for the B-Bag!! It's summer and it's a perfect color for jeans, etc. Go for it!
  6. The B-Bag looks cute ---- but honestly I would get an LV.

    What about something from the Denim line? The Neo Speedy is SUPER cute or the Baggy GM.

    The Epi Ivory is TDF as well!
  7. Go for the cornflower!!! Azur will be around....the Bbag will be harder to find!
  8. LOVE that blue!
    Get it!
    I'm still looking for the perfect blue bag.:sad:
    Hope you get your Saleya soon
  9. BBAG! Cornflower, IMHO, is the most beautiful Balenciaga color! Plus, you'll have a very classic looking bag, and a more fun, unstructured bag. The best of both worlds!
  10. I still think you should still get the azur, it's gorgeous and imo not really that similar, if you really don't want an Azur after your b-bag, i say get an Epi speedy in red, then all your bags will be different!
  11. definitely the bbag.....the cornflower is just amazing IRL. the azur will be around and so will the epi. bbags are harder to come by when they are out of season already. good luck!!
  12. I think everyone misunderstood, sorry!
    I meant i will be getting the Bbag definatley but should I get the azur aswell? Or get a different LV bag? xx
  13. As much as I love LV, my vote goes towards the Cornflower Bbag. The color and the bag itself are just... AMAZING. :drool:
  14. Get the Balenciaga and get a different Azur bag later on!
  15. I say get both the bbag and Azur cos they are not similar at all.