Dilemma @ Saks EGC & *PIX* of goodies

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  1. My goal of the day when I was at Saks 12 hrs ago.

    - Search for the best soultion to their 2 bags totaling over $1000 rule.

    Popping into Chanel seemed silly, as I knew they can't have anything besides wallets that would work with my plan. And NYC Saks never ever gets nice wallets! But I still stepped in, perhaps because it became a habit of mine to check out Chanel whenever I'm there.

    And hello~! There was a cutie waiting for me in one of their glass cases! It was a small makeup case, which is something I definitely didn't need. I don't wear makeup everyday. And even on the days I do, I don't wear enough to actually require a cosmetic case.

    Ah... This lil baby wasn't just a boring cosmetic case though. It had something extra that caught my eyes. I knew if someone like my mother ever find out it costs $450 plus tax, I'd be getting another long lecture about how I should grow up, blah, blah. But I felt :love: at first sight and even that price sounded perfect. Lol~ I had a certain Fendi bag in my mind which retails for $580. How nicely I'd go over only $30 from that $1000 minimum? I thought about it and could not say no to the lil Chanel baby.

    * I'll post the pics at the end, sort of saving the best for last. Hey, at least it isn't a long drag of reveal~:rolleyes:

    Things went really smoothly at Fendi too. They had the exact color I wanted, which they sold out the last time.


    ^ It's the smallest size of their anniversary baguette. It's very similar to WoCs of Chanels.


    ^ But the card slots are placed on the flap, as you can see and the chain for this baby came totally come off.


    ^ I so adore its lining too! They are like little fun doodles~
  2. this is the exact one that I love too and that I would get for the GC deal, but I couldn't find the second thing I want that is around 500, and i don't want another wallet. So I didn't buy it
  3. Wahhhhh! What other loot did you get? :graucho: Don't keep us waiting!!
  4. I'm not into Fendi at all but that little bag is really cute ... and the colour is gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see your other purchase!!
  5. But oh no! When I got to the GC handler, she turned me down. I was so shocked to hear Fendi was excluded from the promo. Yikes! Nobody told me that. And it doesn't say anywhere in their fine print thing either. I really had no idea and thought it was LV and Dior excluded.

    So I still needed to search for the second bag... And it has to be somewhere around $600 now I got the cosmetic case from Chanel. And guess what? It was rather much more difficult than I thought it would be. Nothing I liked fit around that price. They were all either way more or be short around $100. And I'm stuck with an extra bag I didn't have to buy right now!

    Ah... My love for my Fendi was turning into something else... Until a Prada SA suggested me to return it after hearing my story.

    "But I like it! I really want it!"

    Okay. I guess I'm not returning it. Nor hating it.:sweatdrop:

    Anyhoo, so I carefully looked around every possible bags at Prada and finally chose a medium sized tote. I'm embarassed to admit the most attractive part was the price tag, as it was $595, such a nice solution to my dilemma. But it's light, it's easy to maintain, it's Prada and before I became a girl who wears too much pink, my fave color was blue. Plus, I figured since it's beginning to feel like summer already, a touch of cool blue would be extra nice.

  6. Now finally on to my newest Chanel addition... Drumrolls~

    I must warn you though, it is a bit tacky in a way. Lol~ Don't hate me for loving this so much. I should note Las Vegas is in my top 5 fave city list.;)


    ^ Can you see what's hanging on the side?:graucho:



  7. oooo... cute goods! I love the fendi woc. I've been SO tempted to get the baguette and carry it in to see the Sex and the City movie. Glad everything worked out and you got your EGC! -which means... more $ for Chanel ;)

    the little lipstick charm on the Chanel case is ADORABLE too! Congrats!
  8. Besides that, I had the misfortune of discovering Fendi is excluded from current GC promo. :crybaby:

    But I really do like my new Fendi. I'm currently thinking of going back to Saks and return and rebuy it with the GC earned yesterday. Lol~
  9. aaww nanami, that lipstick thingy is sooooo cute :love:
    congrats on ur purchases
  10. The lipstick is a little bit colorful but really cute.
  11. Ahhh! That's so cute! I was previously eying on the ultra mini flap with the mirror and lipstick charms! Acks, how much did you get the cosmetic bag for? I wonder if they have the ultra mini flap I wanted!
  12. I think the lipstick charm is cute, congrats! =)
  13. I looooove that Fendi "wallet on chain" hehe. I would totally use that just as a wallet! Too bad I'm trying to save money for my trip, otherwise I'd buy that in a heartbeat.

    Love that Chanel case too! I think the lipstick charm is adorable!
  14. I love the cosmetics case, and the Prada bag will be great for summer. Great bags, you had a good GC day!
  15. Very nice purchases!